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  1. Dropping the room temps to below 65F will cause purpling of the weed. I always thought that temps below that she would stop growing..IMO. I googled it and found some guy on rollitup and a few other places. I have been looking for peoples secerts and tips to aid in my DWC. If I can find people doing crazy shit that works im jump on that crazy train myself. To help with final resin production I am going to drop res. temp, 72 hours of darkness b4 harvest and I am going to switch up my light schedule like yours to try and max out on the resin I can get. If I dont grow a lot to smoke hopefully the smoke will be strong so I dont need much. I would be happy to smoke half a J and be nice and toasted!! I started a thred called Whats in your DWC to find these lil tips n secerts but nothing interesting.
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    It's called frostbiting on the westcoast we call it cheating because the most bammer snicklefritz will turn purp... It's misleading and it seems like thc levels drop when it happens because it stresses the plant so much.. I know a guy that will take *****s of dry ice and set them at the base of the stem right on his soil and u can see the purp spreading from it... I wouldn't do it to me it's on the same level as adding the liquid grape to ur nutes that turns ur plant purp, cheating

  3. Great comment. I'm not sure if what you're saying is true, but great comment. I try not to experiment with every little thing I hear. I rather let other people take a shot at it first. Butt from the sound of it, you're pretty familiar with color changing techniques that don't necessarily boost the plant's performance, just gives it a more unique look.

    If you end up doing it Sticky, let me know a honest opinion. I wouldn't do it if I was you tho, I think you're having a great grow so far, it would be a shame to weaken the potency (if possible) by doing something like that. I believe you"ll get dank without that step.
  4. Im not talking about dropping the room temp down that stays higher then 73 all the time. I am talking about cooling down my DWC BB reservoir. Cooler water temps are good but I dont try really hard to keep it down but if it helps near the end of flowering then im gonna do everything I can.
  5. People drop room temp at night to make their weed purple. Im not gonna drop temp jusr res. air temp is good.
  6. I really want to be able to keep res. temp at 65 or so maby a lil lower to about 60 but not colder than that.
  7. My rez temps never exceed over 68 degrees. Dropping rez temps to achieve more tric output sounds interesting, might try that...
  8. Im not going to try and get my res down anywhere near 50F. I came home from work and my res temp was at 77F. I have been fighting res temps since the day I turned on that damn HPS....but im not shutting if off so I gotta deal. I droped some ice cubes and a frozen 20oz water bottle in my res and got it down to about 67 in like 10 min. I dont know if that was to fast of a temp change but it had to be done. When I go home today if its the same deal then I am going to slowly bring it down. I have been wanting to get something for root rot for the past few weeks and now. I put my hand under my root ball and it was all slimy n shit so I am getting something today before my lights turn on so that I can treat her asap. I have been told that Aquasheild is good dtuff and I will get it if I can if not I know my hydro store has a product called SM-90 and it treats root rot and many other things. I cant afford to let n e thing happen to the potential yeild. so I need to act fast before this root issue becomes the end of me.
  9. Ok. I see what your saying. I hope it works out for you
  10. Time to get serious....here are all my nutes n shit that I have been using and will be using. I just picked up some H202 29%......thats right its like a little less then a tsp per gallon. and some Great White, it has a bunch of beneficial mycorrhizal bacteria which will ne going in tonight or tomarow. the rest of the things in the pic are. molasses, grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom, mag pro, my tds meter and what I use to raise and lower PH. I also have this spray called Dont bug me to kill any bug I see. I have started to put a frozen water bottle to lower my temps. I am getting them down to about 63F........YES:hello:. Bout time.

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  11. Ok the start of week 5 if slow....I used H202 for about 18 hours an there is no slime on my roots. I just cleaned my res. and added new water with the Great White, added a lil extra because the guy told me to. I am going to do a res. change tonight or tomarow morning and add my adjusted feeding schedule.

    I went through and cut off a lot of little things that I wouldent even call popcorn bud, not even worth the hash. I hope to get more focuse on the buds now that I got some help in my res. This should be good.....With the slime she was happy but I wasnt. Gotta lower my nutes to get rid of my slime...this baterica should ah help absorb the the nutes better, so im going to add less more often.
  12. Hey stikyWeedFinger, you mentioned cleaning your res., do you rinse the roots w/fresh clean water for a day or so b4 adding new batch of nutes? I have been doing that since I started growing 13 months ago....my roots look stone white, the older roots have a light tan to them, but now I rinse them for 3 days before I boost the rez. and change the res. every 12-14 days instead of weekly.....no nute lockout, root bound nor root rot.....day after they get the boost, my gals just explode in growth.....:wave: later
  13. I rinse the roots for only about 30 min while I get net batch ready. I have been lazy when it comes to changes and I have been getting that slimy crap for awhile so the last 3 or 4 res changes I have been giving them about a 24 to 48 hour rinse with H202 in the res then I get around to changing nutes. I used to keep refilling my res. to about a few inches below the net pot. the last 2 days I have kept about 2.5 gal in the res.

    I am going to cut back on nutes and the amount of water I keep in the res to see if I can keep the slim away.
  14. ok so no slim yet but my damn air stones keep flipping upside down, and its effecting the amount of bubbles. they were glued to the bottem but that was a week before I put a plant in there. I dont want the chemicles from the glue to be in there fucking things up. so I gotta wait less then a month to re glue thoes basterds
  15. Just recived my 1st infraction here @ GC for calling someone a dick.....

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  16. Yeah I hear yea about the infract....I got one back 6 mths ago cuz I had a photo w/my signature....kinda lame if u ask me :devious:.....how many air stones are u using?
  17. Wait you cant put a sig in ur pictures......Super Gay. I have two 5in air stones!! the thread I got reported on is full of trash talk...The OP of the thread just went crazy and reported everyone who said something negative, how ever he didnt realize I was backing him up.
  18. Hey man when you say you rinse them You meen with PHed water while your doing your weekly nute change?
  19. yes sir...I fill up 5 gal jugs for 1.25 so I dont mind using alot of water to change res. for a rinse and change
  20. I'm on a few MMJ sites, same MO, pretty much identical grow journals as well, some sites are good, some not so good....this is ok, two others I really enjoy as well....on 1 or 2 others & they are like ghost towns....

    Have you ever cleaned an airstone?....I place mine in a container full of vinegar for 24 hours, then wash w/garden hose, then use my high pressure air compressor w/nozzle to blow it out, kinda helps....Also you can get these little air stones that put out lots of air bubbles. I have a two 12" airstones w/2 of the little ones in my rez.....actually when they are real clean, my rez. water/nutes kinda churn in there....needs tob clean this week during my dump/rinse this Saturday....I clean them 3-4 times during the grow....got a pair of 12" as back-ups while the others soak....:wave:

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