2ndGrow, 1/2 dirt,1/2hydro CFL,FF Nutes(update2-7)

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  1. yup 400w hps, magnetic thoe....Im workin on the hood, its switchable. I measured it for another closet not the one its in now. it was a pain in my ass to cut two inches off of it. I am working on cooling the tube better. I started flowering today and the 8 hours I was at work my box was 100 degrees so I gotta do something fast.
  2. Heat issues suck. I hope you find a solution :)
  3. workin on it I have them stayin at 82 for now but the heat keeps raising the res temp.....Im gonna drill a few holes in my closet and get some air from my shed
  4. so with my cool tube I can keep my 400w hps like 4 to 5 in away from top canopy of my girl..... :D
  5. Ok so now the title of my journal is about to be true.....I have cut 4 clones of the plant I have flowering and I trtansplanted a clone of LA Women from Gr8kingJ into a bigger pot. I also germination 2 sweet tooth/White Widow seeds...from spicesauce and 2 GDP seeds. They are going to grow in dirt until clones are ready to be cut then they will go into a DWC (Hopefully).

    I have been having trouble with the temp in my flowering room raising the temp of my res in my DWC sustem. With a little insulation and more fans and cutting holes in my apartments closet to vent the heat from my box and cool tube into my shed I have been able to keep the box at 85 and my res at 73 to 75....I know the res temp isnt good but I am working on solutions to keep it down and I dont want to try and set up a recirculating DWC right now, maybe later when I have more time. I have been working on getting everything up and running for to long and I need a break. I wonder if I am going to find out how high I can keep the res temp before root rot sets in I really hope I can finish this grow with this hest issue. She is looking really good with my little ass screen. I have about 14 tops that are gonna be main colas. there are also some branches fighting for the number one spot. so I am going to be able to spread them out and let more reach higher. I will post pics in a few hours.:D
  6. :hello:PICTURES:hello:

    ......Its about time I know.....

    I cut two holes in my apartment to vent exaust and to keep my ONA bucket.

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  7. VERY NICE WORK:hello: way to get n there and get er dun...impressive!
  8. So I think I have my fans and exaust and everything else figured out....my system is kinda in auto pilot....Nothing has come out of the pete pellets yet and other two seeds havent opened yet. My clones are looking good and I didnt look at my flowering plant yesterday because I do everyday and I want to see a difference. My wife looks at it once a week and is amazed, I dont really get that feeling everytime I see her.

    I have had an issue when my res is about half empty/full.....w/e you like. When its low I get these little white bugs. To small for a picture but they are on the wall and they jump. They show up before I do my res change. So before my last two res changes I have given her roots a H202 bath and riinse the roots. the bucket I soak the roots in gets all nasty n shit and it looks like pieces of roots come off in the bath.

    Has anyone come across these bugs before?
  9. Do you add any bleach to the res? Verrry minimal.
  10. when cleaning it? or when my plant is in it? I use a bleach whipe when I clean it out then rinse it with water so no bleach is left.
  11. Picture update

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  12. I pollinated a small branch for some seeds......hey spice if you want some pollen let me know I should have some for some time.
  13. I now have a small branch dedicated to seeds.....I really want to come up with my own strain or hybrid of a sorts. they are 2 days old so now in 4 weeks I'll have more seeds. I just hope I can keep some pollen from day. Only time will tell because I have a habit to messing up.
  14. Nice lookin girls bro i will be watching!
  15. Branch was pollinated. Sweet Tooth/White Widow seeds did not germinate and neither did one of of my GDP seeds I have one GDP that poped out of the dirt a few days ago. I picked up an extra bloom booster and I started molasses a little early but its not anywhere near 5 tbls. I am using 1 tbls for my 5 gal res until im about two weeks from cuttin her down. I will be posting some new pictures but I have to wait for lights on in about an hour.
  16. so some pollen some how got from one room to another or I was high and careless when harvesting male pollen. I will post a pic of pollinated branch later. A few buds will be growing seeds because of that pesky pollen that got into my grow box. Not a compete loss because there is still about 97 percent of the plant rhat is all buds. I am goin to be harvesting male pollen for a few more days. I have to find out hoe long I can keep a male plant for and if they stop producing pollen after some time.
  17. I think its a hermaphrodite

  19. .....pick out the seeds and stems Feelin high as hell flyin through palmdale, skatin on dayton rims.
  20. ill get pics of the tranny soon

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