2ndGrow, 1/2 dirt,1/2hydro CFL,FF Nutes(update2-7)

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  1. lol. The screen I had was bigger but for space and light issues with other plants, so I made it smaller. Everything is stretching really good. I almost have the top of the plant lowered to the same level as the rest of the branches......and Fuck I did miss:(, only on some. I couldent get in between the new groth to get to the tip. The plant is about 6 weeks old. I just cut some clones of my male and in a week or so I am going to start flowering him then a week later Ill do the girl....I want some pollen..
  2. I cut her loose and the male clones are doing good too, I should have a bigger room in less then a week:hello:
  3. i know...space...the final frontier...lol,.....is waitin impatiently for somebody ta kick off so room opens up really a bad bad thing:eek::confused_2::D
  4. Well another inch or so and I will have them touching the screen......If I can get my new room up and running then I will start her flowering as soon as I can. I will also post pics of the build, dont know if I should put them in here or a new thread in the groom room design area?
  5. ok so my plant is now a bush and this bush is ready to pull through the screen and start flowering.....I went out and upgraded my light system... I am now going to be using a 400w HPS. I ordered a pyrex tube for a cool tube, that should be here in a few days. MY box is almost ready to start hanging mylar and lights. I will have pics to go with this up date later today.
  6. hey bro..just kicked my scrog ta flower..day 8 ..nice little budletts developing.......just bought a storage shed 8x10..hello veg chamber:hello:..keep rockin' the grow..will check back on pics..peace deacon
  7. im gonna switch as soon as I find out how hot my new room is gonna get.......cant wait till cool tube gets here:hello:
  8. its all about tweakin' each grow till ya got it dialed in;):hello:
  9. Hey man, just went through your entire grow, and I must say, I like your technique. I think being brave and experimenting is crucial during our first few grows. And so far, everything is looking sweeet. Sure, you may have shocked your plant and slowwwed growth, but thats all part of the process! In the end, you will still get some sweet bud and gain some knowledge in the process.. I got a lot of good ideas from your grow and appreciate your good documentation.
  10. I more angles of the box but the wife didnt send me the wife didnt send me thoes pics. the box is 5f. long 2ft wide and 4ft. high. the smaller inside chamber is 2x2x4. Ill have more pics as I put things in it. My girl is ready to flower I need to get my ass movin and finish this thing. So Ill be uploading more pics later.

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  11. looks good man im proud of u gettin all DIY'd up. :hello:
  12. You are defenately in the wrong field sticky. The box looks sharp! I like it.
  13. killaweedfinger can build boxes:hello:
  14. lol yung killa surprisin us everyday:p good job keep it up bro:smoke:
  15. EPIC FAIL....................:mad:, my box is two inches to long to fit where I need it to................So I now need to cut a section out of the damn thing to make it fit.
  16. Your girl is looking good there man. I just harvested my grow, you should swing by.
  17. Hello everyone, Sry for lack of updates.........I am still waiting on cool tube to get here so I can turn on the HPS and start flowering......My girl is doing great looking different everyday. I am trimming undergrowth and pruning fan leaves and she is loving it. Hope all this VEG time will produce a good harvest:D
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    Hey everyone sry its been awhile, I tried to take as many pics as I could through the construction of all this and I will have them all posted soon. Here is some of them...I am going to take clones tomarow afternoon which is the first day of 12/12. I am going to be germanting some new seeds as well......Hope I can keep the temps down with this 4oow HPS

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  19. wikid grow man.

    Can't wait for the happy ending. :smoking:

  20. nice box bro:eek:wait...is that just wrong:eek:

    classic stoner move..i do shit like this all the time...remember..measure twice..cut once:plooks good though...lovin' the 400...is it mh too..i just got a 400hps/mh digital with cool tube reflector...hopin' ta shave about 5 degree off my old 400:hello:every little bit helps:smoke:

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