2ndGrow, 1/2 dirt,1/2hydro CFL,FF Nutes(update2-7)

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  1. I didnt mention that I also used a drip system for a few hours a day until my roots came through. If you keep your watter level about 1/2in. away from the bottom of your net and that should do the trick. Two of my friends using DWC system as do I, start in jiffy pellets and transplant into DWC when roots start to show. They dont use a drip system, they just wait for roots to look for water. I like to give them an extra hand with the drip system. You dont have to use a drip system but you may need to water it every so often.
  2. very good to see u finally have a thread going. looks like ur trying to oose that nickname tht spice gave u lol:D

    lookn good so far keep an eye on the one in the bucket. the growth rate for hydro far surpasses that of soil imo so whatever method ur going to use as far as training goes needs to be set in place now.
    im subbed though good job. i like the mini scrog too way to diy but i must agree with spice on this one it is much too small. using such a small scrog would negate the very purpose of a scrog which is to increase the surface area of the plant. givng ALL tops an even playing field. with that scrog theres no way u could fit more than 5 tops and hydro is going to produce much more than that, especilly if ur doing it in a 5 gallon container;). having said that it looks like ur taking a step in the right direction. scrog is definitely the way to go. great job so far plus rep if i can for trying the new method.:smoke::hello:
  3. just saw this thought i'd give my opinion. when u see roots and they are a good ways out put em in the bucket. ur girl wants to grow more than u realize if ur buckets r set up correctly with bubbles popping on the bottom of the net pot the roots will find a way to them. dnt get caught up in over thinking about what ur girls can and cant do you'll drive urself crazy. try to embrace the fact that their only drive in life is to grow at all cost. they will even feed off theyre own leaves if it means staying alive.
    this hobby has kinda given me new respect for plant of all kinds sorry for the long post:bongin:
    good luk on ur grow bruh,
  4. I know the screen isnt that big but I think I am going to get more then 5 main colas!! I dont want to veg this for too long and I think by the time I get the male I have ( Ya the plant is a male) to produce pollen I will be ready to flower of almost done. I want to get thoes seeds from spice in the bucket so I dont want this current grow to go on for too long...My next one is just going to be one bucket and a much-much bigger screen. I really only cut the sice of the screen down because I wasnt sure what I was going to do with the plant in the dirt. its not to late to make a bigger one!
  5. Like 2x2'? thats what I have but we will see if thats big enough..
  6. well now that u mention that makes more sense, i also just looked at the pic of ur scrog thats small but decent. i didnt zoom into the pic. the thumbnail made it look smaller. very good craftsmanship
  7. Thanx it took awhilt...the saw I have is getting dull. I have been using LST and I fimmed the top and for biggest bottom branches. I have decided to switch to flower when the male clones take root and show growth. Then Ill start that thread I was talking about.
  8. fill that frikkin' screen..on my scrogs all internodes that are exposed due to tuckin' and fillin' the screen turn to bud...just pick your best ones..concentrate the plants growth enegry to the best kolas...just waitin' on my skunk ta sex..the plants are 40 day beasts...lets hope their also girls:smoke:things look good and glad ta see im not the only one plannin' 2 grows down the road;)
  9. Before this grow is over I hope to have a HPS light and hood and a new room about twice the size of my current space. I want to ba able to have two buckets going and get bigger screens. I am hopeing that I can get a branch to come through each one of the holes in my screen and that should give me about 37 main colas if I can get her to stretch right. I did a bit of fimming on the main stem and 4 of the biggest branches I think that I will be able to fill this screen...I take that back I will fill the screen.....just might be a few days longer vegging then I thought, but Im not gonna rush it. I need to keep her happy. I will pull her out of the closet today to get some close ups of the LST so everyone can see how spread out she is:D(dirty thought):D.
  10. Lst is going well, I want to let her go after all the branches I nipped gro back hopefulle I cut enought to split them all so I can fill this damn screen soon. I am going to cut some clones of the plant that is a male and hopefullin in about two week I can start to flower him to harvest some banna nut powder.
  11. pretty good stuff sticky :D keep it up
  12. :wave: I've seen your last scrog with the little guardian figure next to it, and you sure know how to feel a scrog deacon! My scrog is nothing like yours but hey, I got it filled ;)
  13. what do you have that is 2x2..... my screen is about a foot across. The first one was about 2x2, When I try and fill that ima top the plant sooner then I did this one.
  14. Ya my screen is 2' x 2'. I'm going to fim mine so there are 4 shoots reaching the screen each in it's own quadrant
  15. just remember... they will continue to grow and stretch for at least the 1st 2 weeks into flowering, so try to make sure yall have room to compesate for that extra grow.
  16. As soon as I see new groth tips on the branches that have been cut I think I will untie her. I just have to plan out getting my males mature enough to produce pollen and still have at least 4 weeks of flowering because the seeds take about that long to mature and pop out of their caseing.
  17. check out spicesauce and gr8kingj's grows they are using screens and they get them pretty full.
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    Some pics during my res. change

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  19. How old is this plant?
  20. thanks bro..it just takes tweakin' and strain is so important....light coverage..and keepin the canpoy even..thats the key to scroggin'''''reefer plants have a chemical to tells the plant where the highest growth tip is and directs most of the plants growth to that area...thats why most weed plants if left alone will have a single dominent top....when ya scrog..you fuck witk the plant...there is no clear highest growth point so the growth is spread evenly across the entire scrog...givin' you a harvest of mostly same sized buds:hello::hello:




    i top once veg...top those two...to get 4 main kolas...but bunches more will grow form exposed internodes

    good luck on fim....i never get it...it stands for....fuck...i missed:smoke:

    thats the time ta finish fillin the screen...i grow my plants to about 16 inch..then put my screen 12 inch above the pot..flattening the plant a little and allowing me extra branch legnth to get a good strat directing growth to areas of the screen to be filled.....

    untie her now and let her get a little stretch to better fill the screen:smoke:

    gr8kingj's scrog is doin great...haven't checked the other..i like to scrog half my tent and grow out plants on the other half..the scrogs like buds in the bank:D

    hey man...where the heck did you find benjamin franklins first scrog screen:confused_2:

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