2ndGrow, 1/2 dirt,1/2hydro CFL,FF Nutes(update2-7)

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    This is my second grow and first time using a DWC system. Because of current space issues I am growing what I can in what I can. I started the plant that is in my DWC in dirt until it showed sex then transplanted it to the DWC. afet a week of shock she is doing better. I was given a clone from Gr8King J and well I went about trying to root it and after a few weeks it came back to life it is the smallest plant I have. The next plant I have is in the big pot of dirt. It and the plant in DWC are from seeds that are from a strain from my last grow and a plant with a mutation that I wanted to keep, it didnt show up in the plant. I think that the mutation is still ressive in the plant so if I get more pollen I will keep makin seeds. The forth plant I have is just something I germenated from some random bag that I have saved for years now.

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  2. Here is my modified blower for my exaust, my nutes, and my grow room. My thermometers are from my first grow when I had two rooms, flower and veg( tried a perpetual grow )

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  3. :wave: Hello, It's nice to see you start a journal Sticky. Nice setup. I'm subscribed. I hope you have a pH meter in hand for your hydro system.
  4. I test water two times a day with some liquid drops and compare the color. I cant get exact but figure if I can have the plant tell me if im wrong. I am also going to try and get thoes seed in the ground in a week or so, I hope sooner.
  5. I'll tell you the truth. I don't like how you waited until your plants showed sex to transfer it into the DWC buckets. Not only do u you interrupt the flowering process, but you also put the plant thru so much shock..... in my opinion, it wasn't work doing the transfer. it probably would had done best staying in dirt
  6. I thought about keeping it in dirt but I really wanted to use my bucket. I am still gonna keep her in the bucket for another 4 to 6 weeks. I have also thought about puting the next female I get and put her in the bucke so I can have two in a bucket and just veg one longer then the other.
  7. .....dam sticky... talk about STRESS.... the 4-6 weeks will help the plant reveg pretty good tho. Well, good luck with your methods.
  8. I really want to fill of scrongor fill every inch of my cab before I flower. If this one plant I have is a male then I am going to get thoes sweet tooths in the dirt
  9. Lookin good. :) Nice setup.

  10. I didn't catch this earlier.......I wasnt flowering, still vegging when her hairs showed up so it really wasn't that much stress. Groth only slowed for less then a week and I didn;t start adding any nutes till last week.
  11. Well the plant in the bucket is getting big. A lot of undergrowth is comming through nicely and I plant to super crop the top in a day or so and I think I am going to get my screen ready for scrog....:hello:.
    The clone that took forever to root is showing great signs of life and every day I can see it getting bigger. I dont have any pics from when she almost died but I hope that with this journal everyone will be able to watch her grow.

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    I resized my scrog and did a little more training today! My little closet is looking nicec now...I am waiting on my stupid phone to e-mail the pics to me. Ill have them up sometime today.
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    Here are the new pictures

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  14. Subbing, I wanna see this grow awesome doing the dirt and hydro, must be time consuming as hell but i am sure it is a labor of love lol.
  15. the scrog you built looks very nicely made. However, I think it's too small of a scrog. I think something more rectangular and wider would have served you better for your space. But one think that scrog will be good for will be supporting the weight of buds.
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    Ya I had a bigger one built but I just want to get this harvest so I dont want to wate for it to fill a big screen. The 1st one I had took up all my space, it filled the entire space and left no room for anything else. Once I get a good strain in a buck by itself I will fill a bigger screen....maybe next time
  17. Here are my roots after about 4 good weeks og growing. I think the plant I have in dirt is going to be male...In the past when ever I have two seeds from same plant and one takes off and shows sex early has always been a female and the plant that htakes forever to show sex have most of the time been a male. But not to worry I am happy about the male because I need to harvest some pollen to keep my cross alive.

    I have been using some LST on my DWC plant and she is spreading out nicely. I fimmed 4 of the biggest branches on the bottom of the plant and the growing tip about a day ago so hopefully when she recovers from that my screen will fill up then I can switch to flower.....keeping my fingers crossed, hope it doesnt take to long.

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  18. Bout to move my clones to their DWC home and your journal is inspiring me. How long were the roots when you pulled it out of the soil? and did you shake all the soil out of it before going to the bucket?
  19. Thanx for stoppin by. When I pulled it out of the dirt I am not sure I got all the roots but I got as much as I could. the roots were maby 12in long. I had it in the same pot of dirt as the one plant that is still in dirt and that was pretty deep. To get rid of as much dirt as I could I shook the root ball gently and then soaked the rest in water so to get most of the dirt off. Then put her in her bucket.

    what are your clones in now?
  20. Mine are in jiffy cubes. Getting little 1/4" roots out of them, but I'm thinking at least 1-2" before i move them. I might shield them from the light for a few days, but I am afraid of going to early and the roots not getting proper watering from the DWC

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