2nd year growing. Southwest Ontario.

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  1. Little late starting this grow journal, but here we go. My ladies are almost done hardening off. 2 glookies and 2 critical orange punch. They are in a 3-gallon pot right now. 1 of each will be going into 50 gallons and the other 2 into 20 gallon fabric pots. One of my girls started out a little slow and had some problems but was able to save it, and it is now one of my biggest out of the 4. 20230305_131205.jpg 20230307_113705.jpg 20230308_174141.jpg 20230330_135713.jpg 20230330_135726.jpg
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  2. More pictures to come once the app stops crashing.
  3. More pictures

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  4. Going to be some big trees come Aug..

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  5. I hope so. With only being able to grow 4 need some trees
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