2nd week plants starting to change color?

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  1. I have 8 - 10 plants in their second week seedling stage and some of the lower leafs on them aree starting to turn yellow. I am using a sunsystems 8 bulb flourecent light on a 24 cycle. with miracle grow mostiure control soil. I get to water about once a day. But when I check them they usually feel pretty moist. I am also working in an attice situation and its anywhere from 65 - 70 degrees up there. Any ideas anyone I want to catch this before they die!! bubble gum and afgan kush it would be so sad to see them wasted!
  2. Make sure they dry out before watering, knuckle deep should be dry and not moist.

    Definitely a good place to start.
  3. What dose are you using?

    What size pot are you using?

    Make sure you have your ppm at 800 and your room at 75 degrees.
  4. Using solo cups with the bottoms cut for drainage. No dose yet I read that for the 1st 2 weeks water is enough. Can I raise the heat with a heater?
  5. attached some pics hopefully this will help anyone that wants to help me. =) I think I may def be over watering. I am going to lay off a few days. plants seedlings on 13th. so just about to end week 2 start week 3. when should I be adding nutrients and when is i good time to transplant I read when they are 6 inches tall I should move to bigger pots. Going to upgrade to 1000watt switchable ballast with MH and hps bulbs once they get about a foot tall? sound good?

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  6. honestly as soon you see some second leafs and there in a 3" pot you can start feeding them even at ¼ dose. If you put a 1000w you wont need a heater ;) To transplant wait and look at roots, juge for yourself. Tho 2 - 3 weeks under proper ligthing should be good enough to transplant in a 8" pot.
  7. if you used fertalized soil it will nute burn your seedling.
  8. aint grow rooms posed to be 68?
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    Your temps are fine, don't worry about that.

    What it looks like to me is your leaves are touching the soil when you water them. I don't know exactly why, but this can turn them yellow, and eventually kill them. This isn't harmful for your plant necessarily, but it can be if you don't have enough growth to make up for it. Your plants look fine though. But next time here is a suggestion, I start my soil plants in solo cups as well, however make sure you pack the soil in tight, and pack it all the way to the brim. Then when you're ready to put your seed in, and begin watering and all that good stuff, your plant will grow out of the very top of the cup, and your waterings will continue to compact the soil.

    As far as watering every day, I often water every day in the solo cups too, but the nice thing about the solo cup is you can easily tell when it's dry and when not just by the feel of the weight. Get used to how it feels when being watered, and then check 24 hours later and see how it feels dry.

    EDIT: After taking a second look at your picture you can clearly see that the ones that are touching either the soil, or the side of the cup are turning yellow. And you can see the one in the middle, that is touching nothing, is a beauty! Next time make sure when you start them in the solo cups to fill it up with soil, and you'll be fine.

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