2nd week of flowering

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  1. Does anyone know what this is? im in second week of flowering and using foxfarm nutrients in ebb n flow. i maintain 77-80 degrees during day and never below 65 at night. humidity ranges from 50-60% looks like nutrient and mag deficiency but i thought they did not need this in floweing. over all the plant looks healthy. im getting alot of yellow leaves. and a few leavers here and their that may look like mag def. i dont think its going to kill it. I remove the leafs when the plant wants to let go. I never cut, i let the plant let go with the lightest pressure. So i know the plant is done with the leaf. Their is new life all over these girls. res temps to vary but never excede 74 and usually are around 68-70. my ph is 5.8-6.o. +rep to all those with solid advice. If anyone need more pics then i already took please just ask.

    (they are under 1000 watt hps.)

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  2. yeah looks like you have a newt problem. my plants previously had leaves like that and i was actually giving them too many nutrients. This may be your problem or it could be a lack of nutrients but def a newt issue
  3. i had only issues with fox farm nutes in hydro.
    I recommend you buy some maxibloom. it an be used from beginning to end.
    i think you need to calibrate your ph meter, its probably off a lot. I bet its much lower than 5.8 based on the fact you have nitrogen and magnesium deficiency. early signs of potassium deficiency as well.
    Magnesium sulfate aka epsom salt at .5-2 tsp per gallon as a foliar application will alleviate the magnesium deficiency.
    Nitrogen is most certainly needed in bloom, just smaller amounts. You shouldnt see that yellow until 4-5 weeks in.
    ~ poke

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