2nd Week of Flowering garden pics

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    So here are my 7 plants im growing with my parents.
    First time grow, using a philips 400w HPS light which has MH properties so im just using this one altho i had two seperate HPS and MH sitting in the grow room. Im used N during veg and am using two different PK ferts during flowering (will use the second one next week once the buds are more prominent). Im also using a diamond reflector and i must say its really good. 
    We grew the 2 Purple hazes and bubble gum from seed and the Super Silver haze as well as the Bushmaster/man are from cutlings we bought in a local store (weed laws are funny in europe). I did topping on one of the Purple haze, and bubble gum (which didnt affect it) and the bushmaster (which caused the other branches to get to the same height as the main cola)
    bubble gum_cleaned.jpg Bud 2_cleaned.jpg Bud_cleaned - Copy.jpg bushmaster 2_cleaned - Copy.jpg Bushmaster_cleaned - Copy.jpg Crown_cleaned - Copy.jpg purple haze split_cleaned - Copy.jpg Purple haze_cleaned - Copy.jpg super silver haze 2_cleaned - Copy.jpg Super silver_cleaned - Copy.jpg
    If anybody has any questions or any comments or anything in general id love to hear it, since thats why im uploading this.


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  2. I tried to edit out that thumbnail hanging in the middle of my post but to on awail, so i hope you guys will forgive me
  3. Thanks man, small space, organic soil, I failed to leave shit alone with my first 3 plants... Should only get better from here on, first grow is often a toughy. Yours look like they will pack on serious weight, 2 weeks from flip and they are clearly budding well already

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  4. Yeah theyre budding nicely and i burned my SSH after taking those pictures while i was moving the reflector. I also fucked up at the beginning by fucking with the plants which actually is really good since i have 7 and theyre already too much and i had 10 at first. I only looked quickly through your pics, how much did it cost you and how much did you get out?
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    Now I've gotta do math! Lol. I got a lot less than I should have....

    In the beginning I snapped a branch, later on I dripped extremely potent mint essential oil on all three (killed whatever it touched) and about 2 weeks later I flipped lights, so they were pretty scraggly haha.

    Light: $90
    Cab: $20
    Soil that I mixed for those three plants might have been $20 when you break it down, probably less.

    Electricity draw on that light was actually around 83w total, so over 4 months about $20 noticeable change in electric.....

    Final weight: 7.9g dry.

    Quality was the best I've had.... I think I could have pulled a half ounce or a little more if I hadn't destroyed like 4 branches...

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  6. Sounds like quite an expensive for having 8g to half an ounce, which is sad because i was thinking of a similar set up for once im in uni, how much do you need to get nicely stoned?Would one joint do the trick?
    I suppose next time youll be more careful so lets hope you get more out of it. But i would suggest you going to a higher wattage or a different light source.
  7. I'll be adding some light, and that grow was extremely sub optimal... I vape through an arizer solo. 1 joint never does much for me, .1g vaped to depletion in that will get me pretty high for 3-4 hours , I keep my high going all day daily, often times sharing bowls with the girlfriend... Probably still use less than half a gram a day... We can make an 8th last between 2 weeks and a month - life gets busy sometimes you know?

    I think once I get stuff dialed in, and my mother's are up to sog clone production, I could pull 1 ounce every month.

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  8. Would also like to add in that from this point forward, my only expenses will be upgraded lights when I feel necessary - but I've got extras laying around now anyway. I won't have to spend much on nutes, reamend every couple cycles, make my own worm castings.... Electricity. About it.

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  9. Wow youre super efficent, here the weed is super strong and one joint gets me pretty blazed and another one will keep me going after 2-3 hours and sometimes ill fall asleep.
    I bought a vaporizer but it was on some stupid indiegogo project and will take forever to ship (its called evoke) but next week is a big weed fair where ill work at so maybe they have something nice there.
    Yeah life does get busy, i know that quite well, but i like keeping a buzz throught the day cos i can smoke enough to still work etc.
    Id upgrade lights TBH, and is it worth keeping the mother plant alive? Because here its too expensive considering that id need another light (and another room since there is a different photoperiod) and i can buy cutlings for about 10 dollars each,legally.
    Im kinda busy so i didnt quite read through but why do you keep only one plant outside, you could grow a couple of big ones outside
  10. I live in Maine, we've been hit with a couple of frosts already.

    Also have another small cab I built with scrap wood from fixing up the house. It's my mother /clone box. All I run is a 50w cfl. Currently have 4 mothers, but will probably drop to 3 in a couple of months, just waiting on successful reveg of one more lady.

    Also I'm not in a legal state recreationally, but apparently we have a really good medical marijuana sector.

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  12. Good for you man. How much do you pay for medicinal marijuana per gram? What strains did you plant?
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    No medical card here, but may eventually be a caregiver (1-2 potential patients) once I get my plan dialed in, and increase my space.

    The strains I planted were actually locally bred genetics - nothing professional, a buddy got his hands on a clone cut of a strain called MOB - mother of berries, It's a dispensary clone cut out here, he took a girl and crossed her with a kush strain allegedly..... He named it Z28. The other was called night train but I got no information on it's actual genetics.... So it's practically a named bag seed, and the two girls I planted outside are bag seeds from street bud.... Planted 6 non-feminized seeds and got 6 ladies - pretty lucky.

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