2nd week of flower

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by zakna, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. 7 weeks of veg . 8 days into flower
    5 gal, black earth mix( peat compost lil white bits) dolomite lime. 2x 4' 54 w 27k floros, 1x 4' 54w 60k floro, 1x 150w mH 38k with a nice high spectrum arc. Dutch nutrient formula sucsess in a box full nutrient, superthrive conditioner. Clone definate female.


    Hows she doing?
  2. looks good man
  3. Thank tou
  4. Not too bad dude. Do know what strain?
  5. Bagseed, smoked alot of the herb i got the seed from, deffinatly hybrid, purple tingle to the calexs, strong smelling entire cylce, sweet taist, her mothe produced popcorn nugs, prominante tricombs didnt need a triscope at all, earlyish peak potency about 6 weeks flower time, smaller yeilding, but very potent.
  6. And the one you see is a clone.
  7. right on man

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