2nd week flower, whats wrong???

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  1. week 2 flower...ph 5.6, 2 400w hps 12/12...AN bloom a&b...bud candy...voodoo juice...bud ignighter...rhino skin...ppm 1200...on a few plants top leaves are light green and dark green..my water alone is 380.

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  2. wow really>>>>>?????:devious:

  3. Hey There :wave: lets see if we can help ya :)

    ph is low - good range for hydro is 5.8-6.0 ;)

    I'm curious as to why you have the ppm's at 1200? Does your ph keep dropping? If the ph does keep dropping, you need to back off on the nutes, top off with plain ph'd water to cut the ppm's down some.

    Are you foliar feeding?

    Have you checked for bugs? The appearance of the leaves in the pics you've posted looks like it could be a thrip problem :(
    The Complete guide to Sick Plants,pH, and Pest troubles! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
    scroll down to the pest section and have a good look at the pics of the leaves that shows thrip damage.

    Good luck! :smoke:
  4. Just ran into an issue with a $300 gallon of "bud ignighter" Leaves turning yellow (And falling off!) Problem traced to an old stock item of bud ignighterwith A/N Sales rep who chased the "Lot Number."Salvaged the grow by flushing, reverting to 1 week Sensi Grow A/B. Reflushed and refilled w/Connisuer A/B and "New" additives... Ok now my snivel, "Why no BEST IF USED BY (Date)?" C'mon Man!!!!

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