2nd try at clones flopped

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Medusa, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone can spot something I did wrong. I planted my clones in a mix of perlite & vermiculite (50/50) and had them in a dome under 24 hour flourecents (nice spelling) haha. I used a very mild fertilizing solution (general hydroponics) to water them and spray. Its been almost 2 weeks and basically all the leaves turned yellow died. They are still alive but not for long I'm sure.

    I opened the dome up to give them fresh air every day as well. The only thing I can think of is over-watering. My hubby did it every day when I went away for a weekend.

    Any help would be great.

  2. i do my cuttings in growool cubes that are damp only, & warm em up to body temp on me heatpad which is part of my incubator befor slotting the cuttings into the cubes. I found if using the liquid clonex, by leaving them to sit for a few minutes after dipping them until the cut turned a white chalky color increased my success rate by 20-25%,but now i just use the powder clonex less fuss jus dip in wipe off excess with thumb & plug em in I only re-wet the cubes once during the next 4-5 days but spray the foilage 3-4 times daily for the same period. then from days 4-6 i pull a few out of the cubes to check if the scab has formed over the cut , if so i add a 25% mix of whatevers high in phospherous ,preferably organic and re-wet the cubes daily giving them a lite squeeze to get rid of the excess my success rate is 90% + from 7 - 14 days unless i get pissed & fuck it all up
  3. Yes I spot a few wrong-doings..lol

    Try a mix of 3rds,,,1/3 perlite 1/3 vermiculite 1/3 peat moss,,mixed well,,,it holds both moisture,and air very well,,while giving the medium body..

    NO FERTS...A clone must have roots to eat with,,,before it can be fed..

    Overwatered...moist soil,,,,not wet,,,,the clone must want to look for water,,,it makes roots to find it,,,mist leaves daily,,,not medium..That may be needed every other or every few days....to wet will rot the stem...

  4. Thanks you two for the input. Better luck next time I guess, eh? lol


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