2nd timer. 400w tent. Blue Cheese, WW, Grapefruit

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    Hello ladies and gentleman this is Slii Fox tuning in and getting started. We will be flying at an extremely HIGH altitude alll the way through and will hopefully have smooth sailing:smoke: This is my second grow and will appreciate any input/advice as much as the end product itself. With that being said, let us begin.
    I currently have one Barneys Farm Blue Cheese and one White Label WW both fem. about 3 weeks from seed under floros in a tent about 5 1/2 feet tall, 3 wide, and 2 deep. I also have three grapefruit bagseeds from an EXCELLENT pickup a while back germinating. Ill be getting a 400w hps within the next two weeks! Will be using fox farm light warrior, ocean forest, and the fox farm trio for nutes.
    Ill post some pics of the setup and thee ladies. The healthier looking one is the ww and thee other blue cheese. The cheese had sort of a rough start and I was almost sure it would die but it seems to be pulling out of it, this makes me quite happy as its the one im most excited about...so any and all help or comments will be greatly appreciated! Aaaaaaaaannnnnd weeeereee off!

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  2. nice start bro what are the temps? that blue cheese should bounce back just dont feed it. for your soil did you mix all the ff, and if so what ratios?
  3. ive also heard that the barneys blue cheese has some bad genes every now and then.... J/S
  4. Thanks for stoppin by dood...I used about half and half of both soils and the temp usually stays between 75 and 80..The cheese was already off to a bad start when it had a light fall on it unfortunately, but hey, what dont kill you makes you stronger right? hopefully so
  5. thats a good mix dont feed thae plants for like 3 weeks. ffof has alot of nut in it that will last a while. the temps are really good and how much light do you have on those? oh and your plant shoulld be good ive had my light fall on some of mine and they just got a little burned.
  6. Oh and I forgot to mention...When I get my hps in a week or so I will also be getting a ph meter...so as of now im kinda wingin it
  7. and not sure exactly on the wattage but I have two lamps with two T5's each and a couple more cfl's dangling
  8. you really dont need the ph meter till you start flowering. FF is already ph balanced to 6.5-6.6, good stuff. oh and id say keep the t5s for veg save some electricity then use the hps for flowering. mine have been flowering about 10 days and barely gave them 3/4 strength food. next week will be full strength :)
  9. Hello hello back for a quick update. Everything seems to be going pretty nicely at this point. The widow is taking off and the cheese is picking up as well. The three germinated Grapefruit are now in cups, one of which has already broken soil :) Check it out, leave advice, comments, concerns, the whole yadigg

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  10. Just topped the ww a few hours ago, grapefruit sprouted as well. posting pics manana

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