2nd time indoor grow 2x4

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    Week 4: 1500w tripple chip led with 10 watt diodes. 20190619_132226.jpg
    Keep in mind one or two of the strains are 10 week strains, some of the strains I'm running were experimental crosses I worked on with a friend and these are the pheno results. (All are labeled not going to point out which is which at this time will upon request.)
    Week 5 (current) 20190625_091448.jpg

    Week 6 update: 20190705_084620.jpg
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  2. Any advice? Comments? Any kind of insight? This is my 2nd post I figured I posted in a dead thread earlier but not getting any reaponses.
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  3. Keep up the good work.
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  4. It's early and your thread is still new. Your plants look good :)
  5. Starting week 6, 1 week to flush on most of them.
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  6. Massive lol
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  7. Just harvested a small experimental strain ATF x GG first time pheno hunt. This 1 finished in 54 days, trimming was minimal and the buds are nice smelling and dense. I have 4 of these 2 of this pheno and 2 different phenos. 20190723_192057.jpg 20190723_192030.jpg 20190724_090003.jpg
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  8. How is the smoke?

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