2nd Time Grower, Looking for Opinions!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by YaBoyBlue, Apr 14, 2016.

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    Hey gang,

    First time posting in a loooong time, back to growing casually. I've only grown once before, 2 plants auto-flowering, more as a hobby than anything. Anywho heres my jank current setup.

    Don't mind the droopy leaves, that was just before watering. We're growng indoors as you can see and still waiting on our bigger light setup to be delivered. I am wondering if these guys are looking too spindly? I planted them in fox farm ocean forest and have only used a minor amount of added nutrients thus far, as the little guys have seemed very healthy. I'm also currently using stakes to support them, they're in their 6th week. I know they need better light but it's gonna take another week. I've read about topping them, would you recommend that? Trying to have them done before we leave for the rest summer end of June-ish.

  2. You can pot up to the first set of leaves when you get a new light. They're stretching
  3. Do you think I should repot them in bigger pots as well or should those be okay? Only want to get them to ~3-4 feet
  4. They look like they're not getting enough light. i don't know what light your using but it looks like they're trying hard to stretch up to it. Get it at the right level and they will stop stretching and start bushing out.

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