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  1. This is my second grow, and she's been down a long road. In the beginning I used the wrong soil, got fungus gnats and some deficiencies. I do have fox farm nutes to use. Although I haven't used nutes before and I do need better lighting. Mainly my question is this, she's 4 months into growing and I didn't keep track but looks to be 3-4 weeks into flowering. How much longer would you say she has till harvest? I have a jewlers loupe but I can't see the trichomes so I will have to get a more magnifying one, to see smaller objects like the trichomes.

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  2. Fox Farm soil is way to strong, better to dilute with 30 --50% perlite or vermiculite, which will improve compaction, and only then add nutes as and when required, as you have failed to mention the strain, I can only guess that you may have 3-4 weeks of maturing to do yet
  3. I don't know the strain, it came from a bag of Reggie I had. And the soil is a mix of miracle grow over and under water protection and compost and some sand on the top for fixing the fungus gnats, but I had realized when I got gnats that I used the wrong soil in the first place.

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  4. looks 3-4 weeks into flowering?
    you did not induce flowering? Is this an Auto?
  5. No I had it on veg for 2-3 months and then switched the light cycle to 12/12

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