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  1. started out with four this year but had to pull 2 males. I know for sure the one pictured is a female. it only has one preflower so far that I found anyway. since it has began to preflower does that start week one of flowering or is that just something they do once they reach a certain age/height? the one that came in is on the 6th node. not sure what it is but I saved the seed special from a quarter I got that only had one hard brown seed. it's about 6-8 weeks old I forget when I started it. it's was 20" two days ago. I know it depends on "this an that" but any one have a guess on yield? I maybe reaching for the stars but I'm hoping for an ounce. I'm using a 10-15-10 liquid nute my gf had at the house. I took one clone from it last week cuz I had a feeling it was a girl and planted it in my aero garden. its doing very well.

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  2. half ounce max good job
  3. Top that bitch, hope that is bushes out a bit before flowering!
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    I did do that to my one plant.it's only like 3 or 4 weeks old. I kinda wish I didn't now. it would probably be about 3 or 4 knobs higher by now. i did it like 4days ago. I found one female preflower on it so I now officially have two girls.

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  5. Maybe its a strain that doesn't take well to topping. I toppped my vegging girl a few weeks back, and the growth since has been NUTS! Apparently it doesn't work for all strains straight across the board.
  6. Nice plants :) very vibrant, healthy looking plants
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    it maybe bc we haven't had sunlight here in four days. its been raining almost nonstop

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