2nd Storage Cabinet Grow

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    Seedlings Box: About $50 Invested - 4-5 layers of duct tape to light proof.

    Cabinet: About $800 Invested.

    Growing Medium:
    ⅓ Organic Soil
    ⅓ Perlite
    ⅓ Vermiculite

    Magic Pots 3 Gal.

    General Hydroponics Nutrients:
    Flora Micro
    Flora Gro
    Flora Bloom

    PH Adjustment:
    Earth Juice Up & Down


    2.[​IMG]The bottom 2 rows= how many ¼ teaspoons to add



    5.[​IMG]My ph up / down

    Second Grow: (Pineapple Express & Bag Seed)

    1.[​IMG]Pineapple Express Day 1----2.[​IMG]Bag Seed Day 6
  2. looks promising :) ..I love yer stockpile of food btw. :) makes me want to work on my coupon skills again.
  3. Vegitative:
    1.[​IMG]Pineapple Express Day 1 [​IMG]Bag Seed Day 6
    2.[​IMG]Pineapple Express Day 13[​IMG]Bag Seed Day 18
  4. Nice set-up! Love the gooseneck lights, where did you find those?
  5. Lowes had them. By the light bulbs.
  6. sweet setup. sub'd!
  7. Vegitative:
    1.[​IMG]Pineapple Express Day 1 [​IMG]Bag Seed Day 6
    2.[​IMG]Pineapple Express Day 13[​IMG]Bag Seed Day 18
    3.[​IMG]Pineapple Express Day 20[​IMG]Bag Seed Day 25
  8. They look very small for 25 days old.
    How close do you keep the lights?
  9. 2-3 inches.
  10. How many watts you running?
  11. i got a 45 watt cfl 6500k over each. they are still in my seedling box. i miss calculated how much time i had left on my current grow so im having to leave them in the seedling box longer than i planned. I did have water issues but not due to over watering, i think my drains got plugged. that and its been cold so it gets down to the low 60's in the day when the lights are out. they have perked up the last day or so.
  12. I'd say the temps aren't doin any good.

    Can you use a space heater?
  13. Trying to figure that out now. Guess I could buy a very small one and put it on an opposite timer that only comes on when lights are off. I will post my solution soon.
  14. I have the same problem, have to grow in a very cold shed, my solution was a thermostatic plug outlet, it sends power to the heater when it drops below set temperature.
    I have it connected to some ducting and into the grow box. Works a treat.
    Heres a pic similar to what i have.

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  15. Hi Doctor, looks like you were reading my mind and beat me to this cabinet by 6+ months. :hello:
    A question, since I can't get up and into the cabinet at Samsclub to get full measurements in person, can you help me? I notice that the interior shelves are adjustable. Are they the same size as some wire frame shelves that we would be able to get at Lowes or Home Depot?

    I'm thinking scrog if so. :D

  16. The shelves are adj. in 2inch increment. They are about 48x24 but I'm not exactly sure. I have 2 shelves in it. One for all the electrics, lights and fans to sit on and the one that is the base of my grow. I can get about 3 feet worth of vertices growth out of it. Side note, my elec went out for 7 hours the other night and it was about 34 degrees and all but killed my pineapple express but my bag seed was bigger and handled it much better; my other grow that's almost ready for harvest didn't seem to be phased.
  17. Yeah I'm worried about that myself given where I live... perhaps some insulating material. :D

    Thanks for the facts Doctor!
  18. Doctor, one more question about the cabinet itself if you don't mind.
    Where the two door meet, is there a metal ridge or plate that the locking door rests on top? Or will I have to add one to the door that doesn't have a lock to prevent light from leaking out?

    left || right
    door \/ door

    Is it like:

    left right
    Door door
    ______________ _________________
    """"""""""""""| |"""""""""""""""
    """"""""""""""| |_______""""""""
    """"""""""""""=______ ["""""""
    """"""""""""""""""""""] [""""""
    ----------------------] [--------

    or like:

    left right
    Door door
    ______________ ________________
    """"""""""""""] ["""""""""""""""
    """"""""""""""] ["""""""""""""""
    """"""""""""""] ["""""""""""""""
    -------------- ---------------

    Thanks doc! :hello:

    (this is only a concern because I've had a bitch of a time with light leaks with my first grow cab, and that was a wooden one. I need to know what I'll have to do with this cabinet to make it not leak any light for detection (my wife would kill me if she knew).
  19. Yes there is a back lip when you shut the doors. I put weather stripping down it to help with light leaks. The back seems to need some more help (caulking or something) in the cracks between wall pieces. My last plant did have a small % of seeds so it hymned up I think. When it's dark and the lights are on the only light you see is from under it, where the air intakes are, and the back side and one spot in the middle at top of doors where the rod that locks it top and bottom is. It tears up everything I've tried to use when I open and shut it a few times so I have this one small speck of light shines through. The other hard spot was down the hinges of the door, best I found was a small bead of black caulking down the outside.... These take retouches from time to time.
  20. Thanks Doc, I'm buying the cabinet today so I'll remember to pick up some black caulking.

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