2nd season growing need help with a few things

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  1. So im growing 19 wedding cake girls and got a few things that are bothering me first i put them out side in ground about a week early they went to flower right away but have since reverted to veg they look great but are short and very big around was wondering if this will effect overall yield another thing is i planted them 4 feet apart but now they are so big around that they are already growing into each other will that put stress on them and finally i have somewhat of a grasshopper infestation little green bastards ive tried garlic and cian pepper mix in water and did not seem to fase them also tried 7 dust did not work also tried diatomaceous earth still didn’t get rid of them i have some permethrin .10 but im kinda afraid to use it any advise would be greatly appreciated will post pics below and i am growing in Central California if that makes any difference

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  2. Hit the super bonus jackpot. There gonna be nice once they commit to flowering. That reveg should help make some more colas for sure.
  3. I hope you are right if i an only get rid of these dam grasshoppers lol but thanks for the reassurance Killerbee I think the hardest part of being a new grower is just not knowing how they will turn out lol good looking out

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