2nd PC Case Grow

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  1. Hello Fellow Blades!

    This will be a journal of my second grow using a PC case. My first grow was quite successful all things considered but was sadly cut short when I discovered my baby was a boy. :(

    I will be using an old Antec mid-tower case with 115W of CFL lighting: 6500K for vegging and 2700K for flowering. I'll be starting with a 20/4 light cycle and then switching the bulbs out when I change to 12/12. The case also has two 120mm 80CFM fans at opposing ends to aid with air movement. The bottom of the case to the bottom of the lights measures roughly 14" so I plan on tying down the plants to keep them short and bushy.

    I'll be using soil once again for this grow consisting of:

    2 parts x MG Organic (with the little fert pellets picked out)
    1 part x peat moss
    1 part x perlite for some added drainage

    Currently I have three seeds (bagseed) germinating and will post pictures of the setup as soon as the sprouts push through the soil. I'm really looking forward to this grow after having learned so much from the first one and from the GC community.

    Updates soon to follow!
  2. Hey, I'm subscribed. Just started my 2nd grow, 1st PC grow about a month ago. Good Luck! Do you have any pics of the setup?
  3. Thanks!

    I'll get pictures of the setup and sprouts once they break through the surface. I'm still waiting on a better camera from a buddy of mine.
  4. Please keep us posted because I am getting ready to start my first PC grow soon and I'd like to see how yours progresses. Here is a pic of my setup which is in a server case that is 22" tall.


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  5. Seeds have cracked open and the rootlets have appeared! I'll be posting pictures of everything at some point tomorrow after work.

    StickyBudz101: what wattage is that CFL you're using?
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    Day 1

    As promised, pictures of the setup and the first seedling :)

    I painted the inside of the case a flat bright white and used duct tape/flat black paint to cover any light leaks. I'll eventually be adding a carbon filter on a 90 degree angle at the back of the case to eliminate any odor as well as take care of any remaining light leaks.

    I'm only using three 26W CFLs for the time being until my little seedlings become a little more established. After a week or so, I may be adding an additional one or two bulbs.

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  7. Day 7

    For those interested:

    After a bit of a watering mishap, only one sprout remains and I have started another two seeds as replacements for the two lost. The remaining seedling however continues to grow and seems to be doing well in spite of its cotyledons never properly forming.

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  8. Like the set up. Hope you get the females I'll be cheering for ya.

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