2nd outgrow grow was going great until

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by boston85, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. this week, getting yellowing and fast, is this a Nitrogen issue in the forums opinion?

    been feeding it cal mag, but lighter on everything else.

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  2. Yes it's most definitely nitrogen deficiency
  3. Normal for some strains to start drawing nutrients from and sloughing off the oldest fan leaves as it gets deeper into flower. I've got a few that are already down to buds and sticks. I wouldn't add nitrogen this late in the game.

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  4. Adding nitrogen now may make them look better but it could make the smoke more harsh.
  5. so you guys feel i should just feed it cal mag and let it continue to flower? Not bother with any kind of Nitro?
  6. That's a personal call really....do whatever will make you feel the best.....if you do give her some more N.....do it sparingly I suggest

    I agree with above members though....giving it N this late in the game is kinda pointless
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  7. What do you guys suggest for Nutes going forward now that she has started to Flower?

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