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  1. Ive got 1 plant budding with thin leafs and another 4 in the garden with thick big leaves i was just wondering what strain do you think it is. I saw the other day on my biggest one a bit of purple i thought it was my plant was sick or it was some sort of purple haze or something. I also found a leaf with 9 fingers on it. What strain do you think these are?? and what can i do with my 3 male plants that are away from the females plus their dead anyways. let me know what you think

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  2. nice lookin grow u got there. but its merely impossible to figure out what strain a plant is, theres just so many different strains and crosses.

    Where did u get the seeds from? that would be the best indication of what strain your growing. u should also just throw out the male plants, theres really no use for them unless u want to collect pollen from them to make seeds for next year

    good luck in the rest of your grow:wave:
  3. Beautiful bro!
  4. theres no pollen sacs on them but can they still be female somehow?
  5. if theres no pollen sacks then its still up in the air
  6. shit is there any way to tell if it is a female? plus my friend told me i should take the small ones out of the garden and bud them now this way its not premature what do you guys think?
  7. do they look like there flowering at all?
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    Your plants look just fine to me. They do not look like they are flowering at all but that one. In my grows the potted plants always flower first and finish first from the same strain thats in the ground.

    Have the all the sudden got real big? Or have they stretch yet? When they flower you will know it fast.

    Post a pic of the tops looking down onto your big bushy plant. The purple in your fan leafs is ok. If pic #6 is the top them it's not even in flower.

    Watch all your plants close. Once you se it is a male kill it an burn it....

    As far as that little purple streaks I see in some spots on your main stem? Watch that close. If it gets worse PM me. Your doing great do not change anything.
  9. what does the purple mean?
  10. still no sign of pollen sacks or preflower what does that mean?

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