2Nd Northern Lights Pc Grow

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  1. Yo GC this is my second grow in my DIY PC grow case I made late last year. I am currently on week 6 of this young lady's beautiful life. Last grow I yielded about 11 grams of bud and 11 grams of popcorns and trim.  
    16/8 lighting schedule with a total of 60 watts of CFL 6500k for veg and 2700k for flower
    Roots organic potting soil
    General Organics nutrient line.
    Using LST
    1 gal smart pot
    water/feed/water schedule with half strength nutes throughout grow
    using tap water that has sat for 48 hours
    My girl sprouted on April 23rd and I am expecting the harvest to be near the begginning of July.
    Here are some pics of her progress. Any questions or comments are welcome and greatly appreciated. 


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  2. Sorry about the ridiculously large photos. I did not realize they would be so big I will resize from now on.
  3. Congrats on a happy'n'healthy lil' girl. May she be fat old lady in a month or so.. :yummy:
    I'm a new to GC ( :gc_rocks: ) and i'm from far lands so sorry if my English bugs and sucks sometimes.

    I would like to ask You, by your experience, is 60W (*cca 3000 lumens) enough for a fast grow of 1 plant in a normal atx PC case? It think that is your case here and it looks perfectly fine, healthy and fast growing.

    Also you mentioned you are running 16/8 lightning shedule, yet your plants seems to start flowering? is it auto-flowering strain or you changed the schedule to 12/12?

    thanks and keep on the good work, will be following. :metal:
  4. Thanks man! Welcome to GC my friend. :)
    And basically the rule of thumb will be around 2000 lumens per square foot. For me, I use 30w cfls which are about 2000 lumens each. and my case is very small so 60w is fine for me. Also how you train the plant and how efficiently you use the light factors into it. But for a simple answer I would say yes 60w of cfls should be fine for a small PC case. my case is about 15"L x 7"W x 15"H
    Yes it is an autoflowering strain. My apologies for not mentioning that.
    Thanks Brudda
  5. She's really getting into her flowering stage. Just changed the lighting to 2700k and will be gradually switching to Bloom nutes. This grow has been perfect so far except for a small gnat problem that I fixed earlier with a H202 flush and a perlite cover.
    Here are some pictures. Bad quality because I used my phone this time, my apologies. 

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  6. Do autos work well with PC cases? I'm thinking of germing my Pineapple Express Auto as soon as my case has some space free, but this is my first grow and Autos freak me out.
  7. Why do autos freak you out? Yeah they work well in smaller environments because they are normally smaller plants. They are easy to grow as well and give a decent yield for personal use. What do you mean "as soon as my case has some space free?" It needs to be completely gutted. Well I guess it doesnt NEED to be. But it should be if you want the best yield possible.
  8. I am now on only bloom nutes and her buds are starting to gain some weight. I am expecting to harvest in about 2-3 weeks. Here are some pics from today.

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