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  1. this is our 2nd grow. My question is: I've read that sometime you can get a 2nd harvest off a plant. this can greatly reduce the time between harvests. W've got 2 good plants (only 2 girls out of 10 plants) what do I need to do to get a 2nd harvest off these girls? how should I trim the buds to ensure regrowth? assume I'm stupid (am still learning). thanks for any information

  2. If time is a concern, this is not the method you should use. The plant will have to go through a revegitative stage, new growth, and then the 8-10 weeks till harvest.

    Your best bet is to run a perpetual harvest with the use of cloning and a flower room as well as a vegetative room.

    Are you unfamiliar with any of these terms? I know it's not the answer you were looking for but I can assist you in creating an environment where you can harvest every week, weeks, month, and so on. Please assist me in understanding your current setup. Lights, soil or hydro, what's the strain(name) of the marijuana you are growing, amount of weight you are wanting to achieve with each harvest, and the environment you are growing in(closet, basement, tent) as well extra space, fans, exhaust, average temperature.

    Give me some insight and I will gladly help you with your understanding.
  3. growing in a small shed I have set up. with 400 watt hps. My understanding of Ga law, 4 plants or less is not a felony. (get where I'm coming from? lol) and I'm paranoid about ordering seeds. Our first grow was some auto's that a friend ordered for us. and We have some other fem'd seeds. but I'm using bag seeds for now, while I'm learning.  maybe I should explain why the time is an issue. My soulmate has PTSD, a spinal injury, and RA. and the herb helps her a LOT!!!! I hate seeing her without. so I do want to get to the point where We have a consistant supply. but I'm constrained in the number of plants, due to wanting to make sure we don't lose property if caught. (it's a shame when medicine is illegal. but thats another post). on the next grow, I want to practice cloning. but was hoping to stretch these 2 girls out a little. but re-vegitative stage? shoot, one girl is 6ft NOW!
  4. For a re-veg trim plant to roughly 1/3rd it's height leaving as many large fan leaves and popcorn bud sites as you can.. remove from pot and trim root ball by about 1/2.. re-pot in fresh soil.. put under 24 on light and dose with N..
  5. N is nitrogen?  what are some good sources? (in our garden, I dump My piss jug rom the truck into the compost. that seems to help, lol)
    should be harvesting in next couple of weeks. in fact, My baby has already sampled a couple of small buds. she just couldn't wait! lol ( and with her pain, I wasn't going to make her wait)
  6. here's some pics (if I do it right). the one on the left was 6ft tall and top heavy as all hell. We just cut the main cola off (thats last pic). hopefully, if what I've read is right, the other smaller buds will fill out now.

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