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    so my second grow didnt turn out to be a complete disaster. Out of 12 plants I came out with one female. Rabbits and bad genetics ruined the rest.

    Shes about 5'7"/5'8" nice thick barky stem, about 2 weeks into flowering, and shes feeding off miracle grow.(24-8-16 for veg, and 15-30-15 for flower)

    Ive been clipping off leaves to allow more sunlight into the budspots, the fan leaves towards the bottom, and just letting her grow naturally besides that, with no topping or anything of that nature.

    I have no neem oil, ph, and her only protection is alottt of prickers... The spot is not accessible to deer or rabit, bugs have been leaving her alone, and her leaves are looking perfectly healthy so im not too concerned. (even though i am still planning on grabbing myself some neem oil)

    couple small questions...
    When should i start to flush her and with how much water? do you recomend molasses?

    During harvest do you recomend manicuring the buds be4 or after drying?(im planning on making some iso out of the clippings)

    Any other tricks to get the buds well.... bigger? lol

    Thanks alot for reading... im a noobie grower so any advice or recommendations will be greatly appreciated...:smoking:
  2. Is she in the ground? Cuz I don't know how to flush in the ground. But if she's in a pot then I usually flush once like a week before choppy time and then once more 3 days before, so the soil and the plant have a chance to dry out before coming down. Chop off as many leaves as you can get at right after you cut her down. Otherwise all that water and chlorophyll can get to the buds and it won't taste or cure as good.
  3. word... yea shes in the ground im planning on just dumping a whole lot of water in attempt to flush... cant hurt could it?

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