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  1. I am 8 weeks into switching to 12/12. I think everything is looking great, but am looking for any suggestions my untrained eyes cannot see.

    I have them in scrog for lst and defoliation for hst. I was keeping up with them pretty good removing the larger fan leaves to open them up, but they fill back in so damn fast. Should I do another round of defoliation this late or just let them do what they do?

    I am running LEDs for light. Not the greatest situation, but it's what I've got to work with for now.

    Lastly, I know patience is a virtue, but how much longer until they're done? I've got a vacation coming up in 4 weeks. I tried to time it up best I could with finishing my 1st grow and starting my second, but I'm getting pretty nervous.

    Thanks again everyone! 20190709_223718.jpg 20190709_223731.jpg 20190709_223742.jpg 20190709_223750.jpg

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  2. Sativa dominant strains can go really long.... 11 weeks is not unusual.
    It doesn't look like they are filling out yet, so you may have several weeks left.
    Plan your harvest on the ripeness of the trichomes. I would aim for 40% to 60% amber, but that is a personal preference. If you want couchlock, go for mostly amber.

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