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  1. i want some input on what to do better with the closet. this is my 2nd grow and i have a scrog build for once i get plants the right size. its a space with 5 feet in height 4 feet in length and 2 feet wide. small space thats why i dont have a tent. i have a viparspectra 1200 watt and a g8 led 900 and will be using fox farm soil trio and fox farm ocean forest dirt. i dont have a way for fresh air to come into the closet i dont wanna drill holes or anything into my wall. 20180613_032425.jpg 20180613_032431.jpg

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  2. I’m in the same predicament with getting fresh cool air in mine. I’m gunna rig a line from my closest ac vent and run it into the wall of the closet.

    Then I gotta run an exhaust.
  3. Start brewing yeast/sugar mix to increase CO2 in the room or get a CO2 tank/regulator... could be a way to go.
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  4. Fresh clean air is a requirement for healthy plants. :)
  5. My response was not based on the OP running co2 my friend.
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  6. Then I wholeheartedly agree with you :love-m3j:

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