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  1. Alright so im going to attepmt my second grow. I am going to use Fox Farm Ocean Forest from seedlings to flowering. I am going to start growing 6 seeds non feminized. Once i put my seedlings in the Fox Farm soil i plan to put them under 160 Watts CFLs (daylight) per plant 16/8. Im going to give them only water the first 3 weeks when soil is dry. Then im going to fertilize them with Fox Farm Nutrients. I believe i use big grow first? I do have some questions regarding transplanting i understand good drainage and everything, but what i dont understand is if i am using nutrients can i use transplant root stimulator powder ? And do i have to wait till my soil is dry so i wont over water ? After its done with the veg stage i plan to put them under HPS lights 12/12. Then for flowering im going to use Tiger bloom and Big Bloom I believe. Im not worried about the drying as much just the grow. Will my plants be healthy or do i have to add more to it ? I know the temps have to be below 80 and higher than 60 if i am correct. Also for the nutrients does it automatically come with the correct nutrients or are there specific ones i need to buy. For example (6-3-3) for veg and then theres 8-5-5 for veg. Im just not fimilar with a few things. :)
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  2. Sounds like your gonna do just fine! The NPK ratios fluctuate between products and companies. Any company you pick makes a base for veg and one for bloom. You'll be fine with any you choose.
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  3. I am partial to the General Organics line, because of it being organic and not having to pH balance anything. It really simplifies things I'm getting the best product I've ever gotten, I love used just about everything under the sun. Just a thought if pH'ing and heavy flushing get tiresome...
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  4. Here's the feeding schedule, would be nice if they included one with their nutes right?[​IMG]
    Thos are good nutes too btw, yielded me 381 grams from a 4x4' box using just the trio and a little cal-mag plus. It's a good idea to start at half doses and work up to full over a week or two if they don't burn with these. Different strains have different uptakes.

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