2nd Grow t5 Pandora veggies

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    This is just a proof of concept and a learning post hoping to get advice along the way. As you guys can see before i moved years ago i had a huge set up which ended up horribly now i live in a state where its legal to grow for medical so why not do this slow and right and learn before i go nuts. This time i'm not using soil but using hydro for fun and learning.
    Lights: (2) 2foot t5 lights (4 lights per fixture)
    Container : 16 gallon dark container
    2 Blubbers one with slightly bigger bubbles one with fine bubbles. 
    So far php has been pretty easy to maintain no roots but the Green bean bush are showing out of the clay. Now for my medicine i chose a Feminized Pandora auto. It was free so why not for this learning process. 
    All advice is welcome and will be posting pictures every week or so.  let me know what you guys think!
    Whats growing
    The reason im here (Pandora)
    Green Beans 
    And i forgot the last one haha. 
    (Pics are from the 15th. Next pic unless requested will be posted on the 22nd.)


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    Ok I need some advice on water levels. We have them pretty high very close if not touching the clay. The roots are finally starting to come out of the clay balls. How far below should we have the water from the nets?
  3. Well i hope people are reading this but i think i may need help. To me they just seem to light green. I'm used to soil grows so im used to that dark rich green color.... anyone have advice or can you tell me if everything seems good?
  4. Well i hope people are reading this but i think i may need help. To me they just seem to light green. I'm used to soil grows so im used to that dark rich green color.... anyone have advice or can you tell me if everything seems good?

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  5. Theyre looking ok so far to me
  6. Thanks for your reply man  i appreciate it. Friday Ill post full pics of the setup and stuff. 
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  7. Looks fine to me too, but give it a few days and see
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  8. No problem 😊
  9. Thanks man ill wait till friday and see how thing are looking. If i see anything dramatic ill come back and post right away.
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    Alright update time! Its been almost a full week and everything's kicking up mighty fine. I know most of you wont care to see the veggies in this process but they are going to be there no matter what just for funzies until one of them and or all of them die. So tell me what you guys think? I got the hygrometer in there and my levels seem pretty good what do yall think?  suggestions are very welcomed this is my first dwc***. Should i bring the light closer?

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    Well.... shit. We obviously dont know what we are doing yet. I'm guessing every time you put more nutes in your supposed to change the water completely re ph and re add.... well we didnt. we just added more nutes and this morning some of the roots had a little brown on them. We took everything out rinsed the roots under water and it got rid of whatever build up was there we completely cleaned the container it had dirt or something sitting on the bottom.... So now they have fresh water phed to 5.7 and we added the nutes in perfectly. measured all water going in and all nutes going in. But guys did i go wrong without changing the water completely before adding more? or how does that work? sorry for the noob questions EDIT: we did the ph and nutes before putting the plants back in
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    Tbh and fair, i never change my res water. Some swear by it for whatever reason, i threw a lot of money down the drain that way, but to each his own.

    What are your res temps? Im guessing over 68 as that invites brown slime, which is essentially a buildup up bad bennies, or bacteria (beneficials). Invest in some cannazym and use it regularly. I did an experiment where i pushed res temps to 90f for a week before brownish tint appeared on the roots.

    Many would say my claim is nonsense, but i documented it :)

    If you had "dirt" on the bottom that is simply your clay substrate settling on the bottom from your hydroton clay balls :smoke:

    Nothing to worry about, shouldnt effect ph much at all.
    ~ poke

    Heres a link to my hydro journal. Every issue a grower can face, i faced, but its a testamenet to overcoming.

    And will answer any question you have without a doubt

    Edited For atrocious spelling :p
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  13. i asked my partner if he washed the clay and he said no....... so im guessing the shit sitting in the bottom was stuff from the clay balls... water temp and ppm is something im having an issue with i wish hydrogrow would have a ppm guide too because i dont know whats to high or whats right or wrong. I'm not sure if the water is to warm but i doubt its high since its in a cool area and theres only 1 2foot t5 above it right now. Ill buy a thermometer for it today so i can keep track. and yeah this proof of concept will turn out to be way more pricey if i have to keep changing the water every single time we nutes it
  14. You could wash those clay balls for the next twenty years and theyd still leak that dust. No way around it. Its clay lol, its onna be dusty :) I i always lift my bucket lids to water and i never wet the medium, as ive had issues with bugs in the past and algae.

    Yeah, hydros not cheap. Anyone tells you growing is cheap theyre lying :smoke:

    Ill save you that lesson now. Only cheap way to grow is to invest in organics. Then its almost free. Almost.

    Yeah its definitely a res heat issue. Get a nice thermometer and please report back.

    ~ poke
    Also you dont have to change res each feeding.

    Google "topping off"
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  15. roger that. I need to learn all of this for my upcoming 8 5 gallon bucket tent grow im going to do. Thanks so much Ill report back when i get the thermo follow the thread or ill message you. Ill google topping off  thanks again for taking your time to help
  16. Anytime brother :)
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    Well week 2 is done and i'll say i've had some challenges mainly with water temps and brown slime. Its been a battle to keep the temps below 70 but i think i managed it now. For the past few days its been at a constant 68. But for my next setup this method will not be acceptable i will have to run an rdwc with a chiller which i will be making a thread for it once i get it all. BUT to the current grow. Week two my ppms are on point and a little higher than they should be but thats ok due to all the ice ill be putting in the bucket over time. 1340 ppm. plant tops temp is 74 and the humidity is 50%. Thanks to poke i went ahead and lst'ed my plant and will continue to do so but since i've only got one more week of veg left and its still super smalli dont really think ill get much more to work with. BUT without more heres the pics. Comment if you will. I'm just not impressed by its size..... when i did soil i feel like it got so much bigger. Any ideas to if im doing something wrong why its so small?

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  18. Well... while im preparing for my next grow my new 1000 gph air pump came in and well i figured i'd get some use out of it till i started my next grow setup.... so now they are all in my little 12 gallons of water. I hear everyone saying the more air the better no matter what so i went from 2 air stones now to 10... and over 1200 gph in a 12 gallon solution. come on magic

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  19. Id wait 2-3 weeks to flower if i was you, but im using bigger lights. I think theyll flower just fine under t5s if you flip them in a week. They tend to double ortriplein size when flowering!

    Good job! Subbed and rated! Ill be watchin!
    ~ poke
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