2nd Grow - Super Lemon Haze, Hindu Kush, and Sweet Tooth

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  1. Got a Homebox XS for my grow tent this time around...

    Just germinated 6 seeds, all have germinated and are in rock wool, so nothing to really see yet. Getting FFOF soil tomorrow. Have all other necessary supplies as well. So only break down is this:

    2 x SLH
    2 x HK
    2 x ST

    Hopefully will have at least 2 females....can't wait tho....:smoking:
  2. Well gotta check this out. Super Lemon fan myself, on my second round with em. It is one hell of a plant.
  3. I'll be watching as well. Growing a haze under CFLs should offer some challenges. They are very stretchy. I very much want to see this succeed.
  4. All seeds germinated, and now all of the seedlings have shown their initial leaves.
  5. Nothing too special at the moment...still just vegging....not using Fox Farm Ocean Forest as I moved to a smaller town and the shit heads who run the hydro store are idiots that shouldn't be in business. Sooo....I had to go to plan B and get just some basic yet decent soil and do the nutes myself...no biggie...

    Plants are all approx. 4-6" tall at the moment.
  6. well, I found 3 males this morning...and only have 1 confirmed female (super lemon haze)...looks like I won't be having any Sweet Tooth this grow. :(

    Really keeping my fingers crossed about the remaining Hindu Kush and SLH. Would suck to have only a single female plant....oh well...could be worse...could have none...

    anyways, once I determine exactly what I have left, I'll post some pictures up.
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  8. That's awesome news intothemystic....

    I actually now have 3 females: 2 SLH and 1 Hindu Kush.

    My 200W CFL Just died on me...piece of crap...as well as one of my 42W CFLs...so just ordered up new ones...In total, I have 524 Watts of CFL shining down on my babies....let's see how my babies fare...gotta come up with a better odor solution though..
  9. Well quick update...prob. 2 weeks away or so from a harvest...may go 3 weeks....my 200W Light shorted out because there was too much humidity...so i ordered a new one...still waiting for it...which sucks, because it's 200W of less power on my babies....put one of my 85W 6400k lights in there to compensate with something tho...even tho i need 2700k...will update with pics at some point...

    i will say, my first grow i think yielded a better set of plants...or maybe its just because these are a different type...i don't know...i think i have too much heat stress on them...nothing i can do about it tho...

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