2nd Grow: Special kush;Soil;Mainline;Scrog;Single Plant

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  1. Hi!
    Working on my second grow and I wanted to share it for feedback.

    Strain is Special Kush #1
    Germinated straigt into final 20l container. Growing medium is compost soil and hydroton mix.
    Feeding with chili nutes.
    Using 1×125W CFL with reflector.
    Plant is approx. 6 weeks old and trained into 8 main colas. Further training is being done with a screen (40×50cm). Lightcycle had been set to 12/12 yesterday.

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  2. Thars one ugly bending job wow hope you didn't stress it out to much good luck with your grow

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  3. Plant grew single leaf instead of growth tip at atart. Automatically ropped, then topped by myself. Started in container with failed rescurrect attempt from 1st grow.
  4. This is a project while i setup for my next grow. I am building a fresh setup with grow cabinet, dwc and 200w ufo led
  5. Yeah growth was stunted for a week. Greedy snipping fingers screwed me a little bit :)
  6. Lol

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  7. Plant is growing fine with my new light.
    I am building a dwc bucket, you think 30L is ok ?
    20170810_150441.jpg 20170810_150513.jpg
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    She is in her third week of flower and doing great. I was wondering how my canpoy would look like when i flipped her. Which shoots would develop into colas, and how many of them. I have been pruning away fan leaves and side shoots on a daily basis to keep her ventilated. It astonishes me how much leaf production there is.

    Right now she shows 13 larger colas and about 20-30 smaller ones. Im hoping for an average of 2g/bud. That smoke should then last until next rounds harvest.

    About the next...
    I have finished building a wooden cabinet and got everything ready to setup a DIY DWC. 30L bucket, airpump+tubing+airstone, net pot, clone under cfl. Once the clone has developed some more roots it goes in the bucket. It is currently sitting in a submerged netpot in a sponge surrounded by hydroton. The airpump is used in this smaller container until i move it. The bubbles give a nice "pondy" sound. 2017-08-23 11.43.27.jpg 1503482189658424426685.jpg
  9. Third week of flower is done. She has been slowing down in growth rate this week. Nice white, hairy tops all over the screen. The smell is starting to kick in aswell. Kinda skunky fart smell. Still removing leaves to keep her open and ventilated.

    It's now about 7 x 5 squares filled with developing colas. One square is 2,5 x 2,5".
    Ranging from 1 to 3 cola 20170827_142111.jpg / square
  10. Soon to be five weeks old. She now give off a nice odour of earth and berries. Would like to see some more bud-stacking, but considering veg-time I am pleased.

    The main 8 colas are considerably larger and contain more levels. The smaller ones differ in size from only top shoot buds, to "main" like larger shoots with a couple of levels. All in all i counted about a hundred balls of white hairs and green pods.

    The plant is about 30 cm, and height from screen to canpoy is about 10 cm.

    The cloning experiment went bad and i threw it out. On the other hand, I started a seedling which is doing great in a small bubbler dwc setup. 20170908_103744.jpg 20170830_153114.jpg 20170904_215411.jpg 20170908_103921.jpg
  11. Update!
    She is in her 6:th week of flowering.
    Got you some bud pics this time.

    My small hydrosetup is doing great also. White furry roots coming out of the pot and reaching down towards the water. Even though the container is small and waterlevel low, the medium is stable and the plant seem to grow fine.

    I have also finished (almost) my new growbox. Next week, the small seedling will transfer to a 30L dwc inside it.
    20170912_105353.jpg 20170912_105422.jpg 20170912_105502.jpg 20170912_105254.jpg 20170912_105115.jpg

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