2nd Grow... Rubbermaid Hydro Farm

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Retroshark, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. So in light of all my last grow being stopped by thieves stealing every one of my 15 god dammned plants, i am concentrating all my effort on a new grow for this august.

    It will consist of a rubbermaid grow box with a simple bubble bucket type setup. here are some photos of the work so far. i already have all my CFL's (2 of the 4 are pictured) and the pots you see in the photos will be converted to net pots, via my drill. also, there is a visible gap around the bottom of the plants, but i only just cut the holes, so i have a lot of sanding and fitting left to do. i also plan to cover the bottom of the growing area with aluminum tape, as well as the entire inside surface of the lid which houses the bulbs. i will have to wait a little to continue work as my drill just ran out of power, so ill be continuing the updates later. i plan to go from the boxes construction to the final product in this thread, so stick around.

    as far as my growing plans, i have a mixed bag of 18 or so seeds from very good pot thats had a random seed or two in it. im hoping that from this initial grow, ill have some nice plants to work with.

    i will be using the Lucas formula and have ordered all my neutrients in quart sizes, and will order more as needed. I have all the stuff pretty much, just gotta build the box.

    the growing wont begin til around the 24th of august, but it will take me about that long to get this box perfected. i plan to have a filtration system and pletny of cooling.

    enjoy the photos!





  2. as i said, as soon as i had the house to myself, id get more work done... and i have. the box is nearly totally built. I installed the light ports, which have screw in attachments for the 4 cfls, i cut all 8 holes for the pots, all i have to do is cover it all in reflective tape, continue drilling holes in all my pots to convert them to hydro ready, and then ill just be waiting til i get back to school to start.

    here are the photos, enjoy!




  3. here is the net pot that i made, 7 more to go.



  4. i never really knew how to make one of these...with the pics you've posted you don't make it seem too difficult. Juz may be the design for my second grow :) Good luck pimpin
  5. well the box is done pretty much. i tested it out with the bubblers on today, and i was a little worried. they didnt bubble as much as i thought they would, so, i made a quick video and took a couple of photos, so anyone thats done a DWC grow before, please lend your input on whether or not these bubbles will be sufficient.










    the video may not work for a few minutes, i just uploaded it.

    <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/byW4q3ot3F4"> </param> <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/byW4q3ot3F4" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> </embed> </object>
  6. Wow that is fat, Can't wait to see the pics of it growing. Think it will outgrow the container ????
  7. You might want to do less plants in a space that size, and add another dual port air pump for good measure. Like 6 plants or so would be better controlled I think, that is a small space for 8 plants. 4 might even be best so you can get more light around the plant instead of more plants around the light. That will increase your yeild better than more plants will.

    What are you doing for air exchange? You are going to definitely need some fans with 400 watts of cfls going off. They get pretty hot.

    Good luck man and have fun! Those bastards won't be stealing your plants this time around! :)
  8. ^^400 watts of CFL???? I read on the first post 4 CFL's, but 4 23 watt CFL's. 92 Watts is NOT going to grow 8, 6, 4, or even 2 plants.

    Read the stickies yet Retro??????????
  9. 4 cfl's will have to do for now, i have grown plants under 2 cfl's and 2 fluros and had results that met my standards. i am using a scrog for this grow, im gegtting mesh from somewhere and making a permanent screen affixed to the top side of the box, so i can prune and adjust plants without having to take the screen off all the time.

    i will eventually upgrade to more cfl's or better bulbs, but for now, this will do. if i can grow 4 plants under 2, 8 under 4 shouldnt be too hard. im not concerned about getting the highest quality here, just bud for me to smoke and cost me nothing. if i could just guerilla grow outdoors and just leave plants to grow, i would.

    as far as air exchange, ill install some computer fans, probably 4 (2 either side) for an intake and outlet. ill also be getting a carbon filter of some sort for the exit side. its still not totally ready, but i have a month or so before it needs to work.

  10. LOL I thought the 100 watt equivalent thing on the package was the rating! That is a very small amount of light! I guess if it does the biz for him it's whatever... I'd like to see what it does with such a small amount of light.

    At least put some y-connectors on those things and double the amount of cfls for flower man, you will thank us later. :)
  11. If you have grown successfully with less light, props to you Retro!

    4 plants under 2...
    Under 2 23 watters???

    I'm not understanding something here. You are going through some lengths to grow here, but claim to not care about quality, you just want something to smoke...then why a hydro scrog? Just seams like a shit ton of work for something you really don't care to do properly??? If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right in my book.

    Ya know what...it sounds like I'm picking on you and thats not what I'm about...

    I'll leave you to your grow there Retro! GL


    ^^@ Goodstuff - LOL, damn I was hoping that was the case!!! I know YOU know better bro...you are redeemed, lol! JP bro!
  12. well guys, dont forget, this is in a very very secret location. i cant tell you exactly where obviously, because theres a huge chance ill get fucked for this. but anyway, this has to be so secret, that even looking at it will not arouse suspicion. while itll be away in a closet, i dont want anyone finding out and im not telling anyone where or how im getting all my weed.

    i think with the small size of these plants, the light will be enough at least for my first vegetive grow, i later plan to use mothers and just grow from clones, but obviously, i need some moms first.

    where can i get Y connectors, are they safe to plug into and run 2 bulbs on the type of connector a nd bulb holder that you see in my photos, and will i risk anything by having all 4 of those cables, running 8 bulbs total, off of one old school lamp timer??

  13. ok.

    in my last grow, i had 4 plants, in 3 6 inch pots. i used organic soil and had them under 2 48" flurescent "grow bulbs" as well as 2 CFL's as pictured above.

    the plants grew fine for the ammount of space i had, and i wasnot worried about the ammount of light they were getting, at the last time i was able to take photos of them before the power was shut off (another story) this is what they looked like:




    that was at about 2 weeks of flowering... so not too bad looking, i had outdoors as well but as we know those got jacked.

    since you have all recomended i get more light, im willing to get another 4 bulbs, i just need the questions of safety answered before i buy anything else. im on a tight budget as i had some unexpected bills lately.
  14. Hmm i didn't realize this was for 8 plants, you will need a crap load of lights for that many plants. You may just want to do 1 or 2 plants, and if it is that top secret why even grow. If you have to be careful going to your closet leads me to believe you are not even 18.
  15. ok, think outside the box... im actually 20... so... where could i possibly be at this time in my life, other than in my parents home.

    anyway, with that said, im not scared by any means of growing. i have done worse in this environment and gotten away with it. if i need so many lights, and you were in this situation, with this setup, what light would you suggest for that type of box with 8 plants, in various stages of flowering inside.
  16. Ok college in a dorm isn't the smartest place to grow, 8 plants stink badly...... Very badly...... I would only do 1 or 2 at most but I wouldn't do them in dorms. They can search, without consent.. Very hard to control what goes on in dorms. I would stay clear of it man and wait until you can do it in the privacy of your own home or apartment.

    Dude wait until you can control the environment more and If you must do it don't do 8, only 1 but I still must say it is a bad idea.

    Man wow this one has got me nuts, I am paranoid at home, I can't imagine what I would be in a dorm room. You have way too many variables. 1 a roommate, if he accidently goes into your shit, that is your ass. He will def rat you out.

    College is about having fun getting educated, don't put yourself in a situation that will take away from college. Just wait for a better time. College is the best time of your life. I had so many great moments and fun in college.
  17. nobody said a dorm was involved, but smell is an issue, thats why im buying a carbon filter.

    i definately will consider growing less plants at once. would there be any bennefits to growing only 2, i mean, they obviously cant be that big, so id have to use a screen still, but they would just grow at the same speed as if i had another 2 or 4 plants, they would all still get enough nutrients.

    and for the record, last year, i had a friend who was keeping on average about a half pound in his desk on the bottom floor of the dorm building he lived in, he never got in any trouble and was always having people in and out to sell weed to. I had another friend selling fake id's. he had multiple people working for him and he sold something like 30-50 id's a day, for a period of several months. i know he made a lot of cash doing it, but my point is, he never got cought, and they were not careful at all, taking photos in the hallways and shit, it was a mess.

    in general colleges dont go around snooping for stuff, at mine at least, when i lived in the dorms, they would be lookng for alcohol and thats it. it was a hassle to bust anyone for pot, as far as i know, the cops cannot come into your room without a warrant, and i whitnessed this first hand when a cop came to my dorm room door after some heavy chiefing, and although we werent there, and didnt asnwer the door, they could not enter, and never returned. just an example of what my old dorm life was like, it is generally super chill in the college town, as long as your not underage drinking, nobody really cares what happens. i dont drink or let people drink in my home so i dont have to worry about all that crap.
  18. If it is an apartment it is a different story, but if your roommate doesn't know, still would be wary. The smell is nuts. I smell up my house.. The whole house.. It smells like straight up reefer. I will be using carbon filtering soon, but for the time being waiting for my shit to finish.

    There is a difference, I have had 8 plants in my 6 x 6 space and it easily filled that up. You are talking about a small thing. I would def stick to under 2.

    Even if they were lowryders i would stick to two.
  19. Healthy plants in 2 weeks of flower look a lot different than that... Brokencage's plants come to mind. Compare your plant to his plants and you will understand our concern. :)

    You need at least 100 watts per plant, so at best it would be 4 bulbs over each plant.

    You could get away more plants vegging them less time, but you need at least 8 bulbs in there. Less plants the better in that space though, I'm thinking 4 plants because 6 would over-run that space I think. 2 might be better, but you could start with 4. I know it seems crazy but they grow faster and bigger when not crowded.

    Edit- fuck it just go with 2, 4 might over run it also! 1 is also an option, that is a very small space. I have a plant with 4 weeks of veg time that takes up that whole thing for sure.
  20. lol mr goodstuff you always give me a good laugh.

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