2nd grow pics

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by thedominator_uk, Aug 17, 2002.


how many joints / pipes / bongs do you have per day ???

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  1. well what can i say , ? , just weighed my last stash and i got 2.5 oz of the FIRST CUT (see previous posts) , and i havent weighed my MAPLE strain yet maybe in a few days when shes dried to perfection..... hhehehee

    I thought that i would post my next crop , here is some pics that i took the other day 14 August .....
    i have added to the collection :-

    3-4 MAPLES (cuttings)
    2 SICKIE SMELLING SKUNK (dont know the strain????) (cutting)
    1 CHERRY SKUNK (cutting)
    1 BLUEBERRY (cutting)
    2 (white label seeds) DOUBLE GUM (seeds)
    1 (sensi seed bank) G13*THE HASHPLANT (howard marks) nuff said (seed)

    and not forgeting 1-2 FIRST CUTS (see previous posts) ,,...

    cant totally remember how many babies i have but i will post back soon to tell you all ....

    all my babies are female cuttings apart from doublegum and the g13 ,, and only time will tell so keep your fingers crossed for me and say a few nice words to the skunk god for me

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  3. heheheh

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  4. muhahahahahahah
    uk rules
    go on the blair

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  5. free the weed and make it possible to grow and be happy!!!
    who do we hurt??
  6. 1 more week of vegging and then on to flower

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  7. got to be quick on the vegg because im going travelling to thailand and vietnam and cambodia then back to thailand, its not just a holiday for 5 months but a seed finding mission

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  8. looking good!
  9. some nice healthy looking plants there uk

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  10. Looking good mate!

    Just one question, What do you do if you want a bath??

    Ha ha ha
  11. Soo...where do you bath now? lol
  12. man i have that same razor!!! there the shit

    oyeah nice plants bro

  13. cheers lol
    i only put them in the bath, so i could give them a good watering ... then back to my closet
  14. Im just about to stock up on bit and bobs for my new grow room. Id appreciate a picture of yours as ive never set one up before and have so far opnly seen shitty illustrations....
  15. Nice very nice. I hope you trip goes well.
  16. haha was that a bathtub for a munchken or something i dont even think my foot would fir in there lol haha
  17. dude those plants are pretty as hell... if u werent goin on vacation, how much longer would u let them veg?
    Good luck on the seed mission my friend! wish icould go on one myself.
  18. Those plants are done now, show some pics of the buds you got from it.
  19. I think he might still be away... keep the post up tho

  20. whats up with the grow????

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