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  1. Hey guys this is kind of my first grow as the "real" first was a joke grew em for 2 weeks and decided to just do it right so i gave them all away no ph meter miricle grow ect. ect. now im gonna do it right however i will be using bagseed as i want to get a successful harvest or two under my belt before spending $$$ where it could be spent on other things.so as of now i will be germing them in moist paper towels i will be setting up a small cabinet for my veg cab next fri. my next payday i will be using surge protector power strips with the plug in socket and probley like 150 0r 200 actual watts of cfls passive intake cpu fan exhaust 4 plants for now later i plan on a clone machine possible bonsi mother low budget grow i have cash just not to much extra no thoughts on the flower room yet i have a month or so to plan i guess that will be in my bedroom closet stealth is not an issue only smell (appartment) and i dont want anyone outside family stumbling on to my garden debating cfl or hps for flower pics to come after i set up my veg cab can anyone let me know how to hook up a cpu fan to run on a wall out let?? any input/ comments greatly appreciated thanks guys
  2. Check my grow out i use a CPU fan that plugs into the wall you can buy them online or if you need it i can tell you how to take a cpu fan and connect it to a 12volt addapter which works to but is kind of sloppy looking. As for the smell crabon scruber is the best but there are some other ways you can deal with it some gells out there but dont know how well they work. I know once you hit flower you will want something my 2 girls are some stinky bitches. There are some strains out there that dont smell to bad but if ur going bag seed you never know. GL with it man
  3. hey guys not really anything new thought i was going to get a free medium sized freezer that would have been perfect but it fell through thinking of using two rubbermaid totes and cutting the bottom of one and the top of the other i like that little setup youve got sleepless thats perfect for what i need what did it run you for materials?? you guys think the rubbermaid thing would work/be big enough for 4 plants to veg in with a bonsi mother??
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    you guys think i could make a tent out of pvc and black and white poly??? mabey use a tarp

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