2nd grow, Nirvana, with SCROG this time

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  1. 2 seeds, Nirvana, which is an auto, feminized strain from Herbies.  this time i built a scrog net, so hopefully i can get a good yield out of this.  the last bud i grew blew my mind, but i really fucked it up early with nute burn and poor reservoir conditions leading to slime.  i think i'll do better this time around, i've got the res situation all hooked up, and have adjusted my nutes based on good advice found on this forum.
    i'll be posting pics every so often.  these two are about 28 days in.
    just started nutes at 1/4 strength about a week ago.  tds about 230 daily.  keeping pH around 6.0 pretty easily.  
    i may brew some Heisenberg tea just to help things along, more as insurance really.


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  2. heres the pics turned the right side up

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  3. how do you plan on getting to the res with the plants all tied up in the screen? that is a tub your using right?
  4. i have a siphon to pull the water out, and a funnel to pour it in.  didn't realize i'd need a funnel until i put it in...
  5. ok. at one point in time I had 2 5gal buckets i had to deal with under a screen. pain in the ass!
  6. yeah it helps if you make it so the plant holds up the weight of the screen. start by hanging it from the top or sides of the tent, then when the plant can hold it make it detachable, then you can work on each plant individually and move/lift the whole canopy and screen together. anyways that's what I've found works.
  7. I like keeping a separate reservoir outside the grow area, once my plants are established I don't go back near the roots until chop! Lol, helps with res temps and feeding when lights are off.

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