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2nd Grow, New Box, Mazari, Power Africa, Super Lemon Haze, Red Dragon

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by docmojoman, May 10, 2009.

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    Whuddup GC!?

    Those who know me already know that I am in the process of getting my new NBG style grow box up and running. In it, I have:

    1. a flower room 2' x 2' x 2.75' with 220 watts PL fluorescent or 2g11 (as I prefer to call it) & 1 all red led panel. It has an adjustable intake and a shelving system
    2. a mother room 1.5' x 2' x 2.75' with four HO T5s 3 6700k 1 2700k. It also has adjustable intake and adjustable shelving system
    3. a clone/veg room 1' x 1.5' x 1.5' with 3 24w 6700k cfls and 1 2700k cfl. It also has an adjustable intake.
    You can check out the design in detail in the thread listed in my sig: PROJECT #2: Code Name Mother Earth

    Inspired by DrBudGreengenes's sog-type method, my objective is to have this baby putting out mature plants every two weeks or so! I know this is a big undertaking, but I am up for the challenge!

    Although this cab is not entirely complete, I am ready to get this party started!
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    Here's the guts of my box - I don't have pic showing the whole set up right now, but I wanted to post a pic that illustrates the whole set-up.


    These are my soon to be mothers! The strains I selected are Marzari from Seedsman, Power Africa from Seedsman, Red Dragon from Barney's Farm, and Super Lemon Haze from Green House! All of the seeds are feminized I used these criteria to base my selctions on:

    - Some type of respected cup winner
    - a Sativa
    - a Hash Producer
    - an African strain (I once lived there)
    - a popular modern hybrid

    Here are some pics of my new soon-to-be moms, a few pics of some nugs I have drying in the mom room box, and a few more current shots of the box!

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  3. Looking real good bro. Let me know how that Red Dragon comes out. I really want some of that stuff. Maybe I'll order some if you give it a good review
  4. Yeah mon! I used to live in the PI (Philippines) and used to get that Thai weed. Red Dragon sounded like a winner.:D
  5. Good stuff bro.

    Interested in that Super Lemon Haze, just started a few moms of it and will be running it in my next grow. Any advise on the strain would be much appreiciated.


  6. Right now I'm waiting on some Barney's Farm Night Shade. High THC content, flowers for 60 days, mostly indica. Sounds perfect for my SOG to be:D
  7. Fo' sho! Just stick around!

    Night Shade - I hope it's aptly named!
  8. I love indicas! I hate being incapacitated, but at the same time I love just chilling the fuck out. I guess thats because my life is so hectic. If this shit puts me to sleep, I'm all for it. Haha.

    Its actually going to be a multi strain grow. Besides the Night Shade, I will also be growing 2 White Widow, 1 Quicksilver, and 1 Power Skunk.
  9. The a/c man is coming this thurs. - that means I have to get this new box UP AND RUNNING - no more half stepping! I finally installed the latch/lock on the veg/clone room, so all I have left to do to get it up and running is:

    - re-do the air/light seal on the bottom of the flower room
    - make room for the new unit in my office space (out of the way, easy to shut off)
    - vent exhaust out widow
    - create mounting system for computer fans (optional)
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    Okay - bc of the a/c man, I've had to get this new box up-n-runnin' and I am glad I did! I re-did the air/light seal on the bottom of the flower room & made room and moved the unit into my office space.

    I've moved three of the last four plants from my last grow into this box. My sativa which hopefully has a few more weeks will stay in the old box by herself so she can enjoy the extra space!

    Any-hew! Here's a couple of new pics!

    remaining from my checklist:

    - vent exhaust out widow
    - create mounting system for computer fans (optional)


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    I built a little heater to go under my seedlings. I just put a 23w cfl in a box and voila! A new heater!

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  12. Nice heater mang.:hello::cool:
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    My sativa and one of my others. I upped the nutes on my sativa, and she's lovin' it! Here's a couple of pics.


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  14. Thanks, and thanks for stoppin' by!
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    Here's an update of my Mazari (hopefully) mom. She may be too young to take clones from, but I can see that this LST method is giving me some good potential cutting sites already. This will be my first attempt at cloning, so I am pretty nervous.


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  16. nice strain list man.... self n my buddy just crossed out power africa off the list, ill be keeping an eye on what we missed!!!
  17. look good dude! that red dragon does sound interesting :smoking: ill be sure to keep updated with this one, Also got some SLH that i will be trying after my hashberry so it will be nice to see that one flower :hello:
  18. Sure thing man! What made your list?

    Be sure to let me know how that hasberry turns out! Will you be makin' hash? I got the Mazari with hash making in mind! :smoking:
  19. i didnt plan on usin the buds for hash this time around but im not sure yet, we'll have to see how much i yeild :D but ill def make a little bit anyways, ill prolly use the dried leaves n wat not to make a lower end hash and shit, i got a plant NAMED Hashberry so yea fuk it ill def make some hash out of the buds regardless lol.. ill be stayin tuned in ill let u kno when that special time comes when im about to make some and give u a smoke report :smoking: ETA 3 months.. :eek:
  20. Doh! Your strain list is in your sig! ...Lunchin'!

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