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    sup ppl :wave:

    im currently on day 22 of flowering, shes 91 days old, just 1 females of 7.....
    the other ones are : 1 male 5 Hermies, i have them outside my house from 6am to 6 om and then put them in an empty fridge... this to prevent pollination and keep them growing to make hash, or tea, or smoke the hermies jeje :) , i just got 1 because the temp the first 40-50 days was over 30 C , other newbie errors.. that i hope i do better this time
    its a seed from the bud i buy in the streets...

    well im starting a new grow, right now is the time to plant outdoors here in Baja, Mexico so im gonna put some seedlings (street seeds too)outside my house, its a east-west orientation? i dont know if its well spelled but the father sun lights all day...:D

    i digged 10 inches deep and added a bag of organix mix soil


    but im not putting too many plants because is a general entrance, the cars pass by... there are like 5 houses around so is not a lot of traffic cause i live at the end of the road, next to the mountains :cool:

    The other plants im gonna veg them with cfl's cause the ballast is being used by the female!!.


    the owner of the place rents all the houses and the 1st day i came i ask him for a place to plant my vegetables and fruits, he showed me this space i was talking about and told me i can plant MJ jeje:hello:

    then i showed the female plant and he liked it, i ask him if theres a problem, he said not at all, other guys that rent here use to have plant outside but they died soon:rolleyes:

    he is a 70's years old ex-militar captain of the army here in mexico, he use to rip plants in the mountains with the army. He likes the smell of marijuana haha, not smoking it tho...

    back to the grow...

    i dont have extractors or some air system, i just have a fan to the female, that keep the temp around 28 C

    so i just rented this place and i got this old industrial fridge.... its where i keep the seedlings, and there are 3 old fans, i think where the cold air came to freeze all....

    can i use those to make extractors? are they 120V ?
    here is a pic/...

    i hope i didnt bored u all :eek: lol

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    are u kidding ? 35 views and no replies.... :(

    i guess im going back to RIU :rolleyes:
  3. I'm just not really sure what you want a reply to. :confused:


    How do we know if they're 120v?! :p

    Good luck with the grow man. :wave:
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    haha lol

    you're right, i actually didnt made any questions... :p

    well i will keep posting, and any helpis welcome


    Day 96

    Day 23 of flowering

    i founded some pollen on the leaves of the hermies!!

    so i guess i separated them from the female on time , i hope i can get a good seedless dope :)



    i added 2 CFLS because i have seen other plants and i think my plant should be covered with more buds and resin.... its a mexican (del valle) bud, or verde limon like others call it... i know its garbage compared to chronics....but i still cant buy seeds from a seedbank.... i live in Mexico and i dont know where to send the seeds, im growing so not to my house, i asked 2 friends, but they freak all about...:(

    i have a friend living in SD, he cant take the seeds and give them to me, anyone want to help me?

  5. what exactly are you lighting the female with?

    Your bud development seems about right for the time period considering the small size of the plant. I'd only think there was a problem if you had it under a lot of light where you would expect more development.

    Resin production doesn't really start until the 4th to 5th week. They don't really look much like buds until near the end. Also I'm used to growing indica strains, and that looks like a pure sativa the way it's growing. Resin/bud production may not kick up until later since the flowering period is longer. Make sure you're adding a high phosphorus/potassium fertilizer for flowering. I see red petioles and some chlorosis which likely means they're eating the fan leaves for what you're not giving them, which will slow bud growth.

  6. im using 250 W HPS to flower, and an MG african violet food...im adding 2 drops per liter(1/8 strenght recommended), i guess im gonna use 4 drops?

    i dont have a ph meter, i tried to test it with the stripes but the color was the same for 4.0 to 7.0 range :S it was a mess :eek:

    i know the ph of the tapped water im using (7.0) i saw it in a little inscription in the place where i buy it... and the ppm i think uts 50-70 its that ok?

    thnx 4 the help man :smoking:

    peace :cool:

    ps. excuse me for my english:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. I looked up that food, and it's 7-7-7, which isn't so great for flowering in cannabis. Nitrogen and Phosphorus compete for uptake, so the high nitrogen will reduce the uptake of phosphorus (and vise-versa). Generally good veg nutes have high N, low P and good flower nutes have low N, high P and K. I think the 7-7-7 type nutes tend to be for plants without distinct flowering/vegging phases.

    If you can, get some different flowering fertilizer with less N, and a phosphorus load nutrient. You use the phosphorus load near the end and it makes a considerable difference, and will also correct and P deficiency from strong flowering (I'm getting this on one of mine this time).

    You will probably see noticeable improvement after fixing your fertilizer. Flush it before adding your new fertilizer so as to remove the old stuff.

    I'd also recommend adding some store-bought CFLs (2700k---important, do not use blue spectrums with red in flower... it seems to do bad things) down the sides to supplement the 250WHPS. HID doesn't produce that good of results alone under 400W.

    With those adjustments and a bit more time, you should start seeing what you're used to seeing. I also highly recommend getting a microscope for examining the trichomes for when to harvest. It makes a big difference in the potency/effects, and you can adjust to your own preferences by varying the harvest time.

    Edit: also, do test your PH for sure. Buy a soil PH tester, they're really cheap and will give you the best idea of what's going on.

    And your english isn't bad at all... I'm used to worse from native speakers online.
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    hey guys

    thnx bulletcatcher for ur help :smoke:

    yeah those nutes i got are the worse for mj right :S

    here in enseada there are no stores that sells all those fertilizers u guys use...

    i just founded that 7-7-7 in home depot, but thats it, i have asked farmers for fertilizers and they said there are no stores here, they all got things from san diego.

    but there are organics fertilizers stores here... so maybe next grow i will go organic. Is there any goods for org.? i mean why everyone use chemicals and not organic nutrients??

    anyways... here is the female finishing 4th week of flowering

    day 26


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    im planning to bend the plant, so she gets more light in the lower zone.. i feel its so much light wasted for just 1 plant...:( so at least im gonna give her the more light possible.

    i want to put her the most horizontally way possible.
    im gonna do it a little bit each day to not break the stem.

    also some hairs are starting to get light brown.... :S im starting to worry if im gonna get at least 20 g's :(

    peace people and keep posting!! :wave::wave:

    ps. i appreciate ur help :smoke:

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