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2nd Grow mid summer 400w hps - Durban Poison, Mango, White Widow

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by rapidcharger, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. So I'm now flushing.. have been since a few days ago.
    Started fluhing with ro water.
    Ppm went to 250
    Aded her a shot of 400ppm nutes
    Added some clearex to the rez tank a day later (yesterday)
    Flushed a few times again
    Ppm went to 275
    Dumping tank
    Filling with ro water
    Will continue to flush with ro water till fnish..
    Expecting to flush another 4-6days and when ppm is under 50 or so
  2. Widow is doing bad ass. the fucking cmain cola is the size of a beer can omfg.. its browing out. like little node thingys on the top.. ive never seen this before.

    Ive gotten my ppms below 50.. i dunno if I should keep flushing for a few more days or chop this bitch down.. been 2mos 2 days
  3. Ok well ppms are at 35 and I tasted some and I wasn't tingly to taste so its flushed.

    Pretty much al the pistols are down. Trichs are cloudy, amber and some clear but a lot lot more cloudy and about the same amber and clear. The clear ones have no heads. I have no clue what that means....

    I'm at week 9 right now..

    Just turned off light for a 48hr dark then harvest.
    I gave her like 2 cups of water.. and an I'm sorry. Cause she's about to starve.. she was real dry.. I've been only using water for a week or so and feeding only once a day. Not 2x (trying to squeeze out whtevers left in the plant) the leaves are still pretty green. So I figure the long dark will make then turn yellow and purple... I guess that would mean all the water left inside gets sucked up into the buds. I think that's how it works..

    Anyways I heard to give a widdow a week of dark. But tha s nutz and totaly not the way god intended. So I fire I meet it hlf way.... hahaha

    So far the widow has to be the easiest plant to grow
  4. Zomg. Epic. Glad to see it (somewhat) worked out for you, i've struggled myself with my current grow and it's honestly amazing how when all seems hopeless they can pull through. Your losses appear to have been recouped by that insane white widow. I'm about 3 weeks from harvesting my full moon, this could be next on the cards. gg.
  5. Thanks.
    Yeah here and there widow is polinated. I don't really see any seeds. I found a few here and there. And pulled them off and flushed them. But this widow is crazy

    Id recomend a widow...
    It smells piney.. real strong..
  6. Ok all done with this grow.. relocating fans for next grow..
    Got my 3 babies lined up for the next grow

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  7. Btw I just weighed that widow
    That's a 7 ouz widow (with stems and not fully dry)

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