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2nd Grow mid summer 400w hps - Durban Poison, Mango, White Widow

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by rapidcharger, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Had a little heat stress on mango.. they are really close to the tube.... tryin to keep that light as close as I can.... was gettin 95f under the canopy. So I switched it down to 400w.

    I acidently left the ebb n flow on for like 6hrs 2 days ago. Was out and I remembered I didn't turn it off.. when I got back sure enough I did. They were reallllly soaked lol...

    I can't get this 2 stage ro to work

    Still tryin to figure out a good piggy back method from my 6in inline fan thru the hood and to my 8in duct extraction fan...

    Down to about an oz need to crop these bitches out soon. Lol

    Note to self: raise 18in fan up about 6in

    Need to top off the tank today (when they wake up)

    Durban is still smaller but is gona prob yeild like a half oz I think... the others have like 3-4x more. Yet to be determined...

    Waiting on more clones...

    Def switching to coco for next grow

    My dog runs in te room everytime I open a jar of dank lol

    Really need a ac window kit... need to find one
  2. Ok moved fans around to get some bad ass airflow now
    I still need to run my exhaust or intake to the oppsite side of the closet...

    But everybody looks good. I raised the light up a few inches lasnite. So the temps under the light are 84 ontop of white widow... here are some pix

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  3. Oops the android app left this one out

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  4. Nice work man. I can vouch for coir, having tried it, perlite and soil in various grows. It's malleable yet stays put like soil, with phenomenal growth rates close to rockwool or straight perlite, and I only run 2x 150W MH. Temps seem a little warm but as long as there's a couple of centimetres between your tube and the tops you should be fine.

    Then again, I'm new here.
  5. i got a fucking ton of cloudy trichombs like everybody is cloudy or if not the heads are cloudy...
    I dont know if I should start flushing or not. If I flush for 2 weeks that would end me up at exactly 2 months...
  6. Well durban poison is yellowing.. the whole plant.. i dunno if I have to chop it soon or not.
    Its growing like shit compared to the others. may be a bad clone i suppose.. sux cause I really wanted to try it to its full potential.

    Widow and mango look great.... everybody is really fat..

    Just not sure what to do about durban im 6weeks in... not sure what to do

    Durban poison hermied and it got mango pollinated. Not the whole plant just some of it..
    I just chopped durban since its doing sop shitty,,,,

    I dont know WTF I should do...
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    So parts of mango and all of durban poison are drying.. fuckin hermie. Not sure wtf to do with a 5week old flowering plant.... not sure what's the best way to process this
  9. BHO will be your best bet buddy
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    ok would dry ice hash work you think????
    That shit is easy

    Also if im going to make a concentrate.. Do I even need to worry about drying at all?
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    Drying my premature weed.. mango and durban poison.
    Pretty bummed it didn't go as planed. But on he good side so far the widow is doing gr8. Have a main cola the size of a big redbull can.. I hope hope hope it dosent get polinated or is already. Its like a virus lolol

    But I wonder what's going to happen... sice I took out the other 2 plants (that suck up the light) not she's getting a full 600 fucking watts.. should I raise the light at all?

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  12. Some pix of my lonley widow
    A fat 2ft tall lol

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  13. Ok so widow is doing great. Hope I'm not jinxing myself. But she's stil a she and from what I can see not polinated.
    Seeds were still green and white. And appears to never opened.
    Either mango got polinated from durban since it was right next to it. Or it hermied on its own from heat stress. But only one side of mango was polinated so I'm leaning towards the pollination from th other plant so close...

    I hacked down dp and parts of mango the otherday and was dring is a box with some hole in it. Since its not that fat it dryed alright.
    I hacked down mango yesterday and let it dry in the box. It wasn't really working. So I hung it up behind a shelf in the garage.

    I decided to trim it now. I tryed trimming bry bud. And that's just no fun at all. Trimming blows to begin with. But listing to geroge noory at 3am got me thinking. So instead of waiting I trimmed the rest (full plant) of mango while it was still wet.

    Here are some pic. At least I wasn't triming for 8hrs

    Dp is the brown/orange one. Actualy smels pretty good already
    Mango are the cuttngs and the one hanging

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  14. Nice grow. I'm getting a white widow clone this weekend, Hope she lives.
  15. Widows are hella easy to grow... like you wouldn't believe. Lol
  16. fuck!!!! widow hermied too but just not as fast and as developed at the other .. Next time I really need to keep the heat down.. I guess it was that....

    Wish I would have caught this sooner I would have left mango in the box.. FUCK
  17. Ok lined up next grow
    Chem dawg
    Og kush
    Maui wowie

  18. Dude this widow is stil growing. The buds have mini buds growing off of it. Check it out

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  19. Hey Rapidcharger this widow looks crazy!

    Do you have any pictures of the dry ice hash that you made? One of my plants isn't gonna make it and I really want to make hash with it using this method. Also, where did you get your 220 bag at?
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    well I have this thread....

    I made a 2nd batch.. but just off soley water or fan leaves.. the keif wasnt rally great.. it was really green.. But it works...

    Once this widow cures. I might go and do the same to mango and durban poison..

    ohh 220 bag I got from a hydro store. just get a bag kit for bubble hash it will have everything you need in it

    heres a pic

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