2nd Grow mid summer 400w hps - Durban Poison, Mango, White Widow

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    1st week of flower. Started 12/12 on Wed Aug 3rd

    Last grow I used a 600w HPS got 9oz im going to try to get the light closer and see what I get. Last time I didnt trim at all just some LST. Im not going to LST I dont have time for it right now and I dont know how to LST in Rockwool..

    6ml micro 60ml
    16ml bloom 160ml
    5ml calmag 50ml
    5ml Karma 50ml
    5ml Silica blast 50ml
    24gals but nutes to only 20gal
    PPM 600

    8in exhaust 470 cfm
    6in intake fan 400cfm
    GH lucas formula Nutes
    Rockwool cubes 6in
    RO water
    Using Silica
    growing in the desert

    Will post pictures soon!
  2. Need to throw some trees in the veg box soon..
    Last time I grew some Herer, krypto and lavander..

    Any ideas on what to get?
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    Left to right
    White Widow, Mango and Durban Poison
  4. Just switched my light to 600w a cool 90f in there right now.. Tryin to get these bitches to stretch as much as I can.
    Widow is starting to smell.. yay

    so far widow is my favorite plant to grow... I just grows.. and fast!!!! and bushy...

    cant get the thing to upload pics so heres a gallery

    Photo Album - Imgur
  5. Good luck dude...They got their stretch on for sure huh?
  6. yeah got them the end of last month and I vegged for like a week.. tryin to squeeze as much as I can out of these bitches... durban poison is a little slower than the others. widow being the biggest but we shall see here lol
  7. Some pix... the android app for gc is cool

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  8. looking good bro. cant wait to see the harvest! how much u expecting this grow?
  9. Probally 6o I suppose. I'm kinda alternating from 600w to 400w. Wen I go to bed or leave I shut it down to 400w .
    Durban is so much smaller then the other 2 I did a take change today and I'm going to give them a flush then pick up on half strength nutes tomorow. But I'll flush them tonite. Durban might have some salt buldup. So ill try a quick flush first.

    I'm tink of how to redesign this closet.. need a better way for air to come in and go out.

    I still don't know if I like coco or rockwool better yet. Rockwool is less messy in a way. But the tank still gets all kinds of crap in it. So I may lean more towards coco. But so far so good in the rockwool
  10. These advanced ph down shit is brutal. its like a jel. its 100% concentrate. The bottle is like 4x heaver than others its size..

    How do i use this stuff. its so powerfull in 25gals of water it drops ph by a crazy amount.
  11. Here's some pix mango is tall as hell

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  12. nice lookin plants man! cant wait to see finished product!
  13. 6ml micro 60ml
    16ml bloom 160ml
    5ml calmag 50ml
    5ml Karma 50ml
    5ml Silica blast 50ml
    2ml of Kishie Kush
    24gals but nutes to only 20gal
    PPM 600 roughly
  14. Ahhhh a Durban indoors, must be hard to train that beast. Looking good.
  15. Durban is being a pain.. the strech is done I'm thinking... durban is my smallest..

    Mango is nice ad widow is big...
    Lots of budspots

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  16. Everybody is gettin stinky.. cant wait 2 more mos to go (or so)
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    Tank change. 4am tired as fuk..
    I added a float valve to the tank so I can add water without accidently flooding my closet. Jut instaled it and trying itout.

    Just picked up a big ass bag of coco (ready grow) for my next grow.

    Stil adding water. May need to set my alarm in a few hrs to put away the ro hose. Lolol

    Anyways I'm going to go full strength nutes now. And add some kushie kush addive..

    Gonna get a cridical#47 clone and probably a super lemon haze (love that starin) soon. May only do 2 plants next time round. Not sure...

    Here's pix

    I tryed something different that seems to work.
    I curled the end of the hood around using ducting bends. Went 8in to 6in and am sucking air from right under the hood.
    It actually gets cool enough to get the plants inside the hood, on the side of the tube. With no visible heat stress. And I have a temp sensor on a leaf in the top of the canopy. Un-coverd so it should read higher. And the temps are low 90s but mostly low to high 80s. Using 600w not 400. (On 400w it stays no hotter than 81.

    Anyhoo that's my update....

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    Picked up some silica almost out. Need to add nutes when they wake up and feed tonite.
    Got an RO system with 2 filters instead of just 1.. need to get the filters for it. this ones look pretty shot lol

    So I come home and upstairs smells kinda like weed but kinda like plant.. but kinda like water..

    I forgot I left the blower off for a little while so when I came home it kinda festered in the whole house.. the smell that is... lolol
    turned on the fan lol
  19. 6ml micro 120ml
    16ml bloom 320ml
    2ml calmag 40
    5ml Karma 100ml
    5ml Silica blast 100ml
    2ml kushie kush 40ml

    rez is 24gals approx nute to 20gal
    865 ppm
  20. Everybodys. Well... growing... lolol

    Only update is. I gtta change my tank again next week.
    And I can't wait to crop these bitches out. Been smokein the same 3 strains since june. Lmfao

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