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    All right here we go, my first grow is probably 60 to 75 days from ending, and on 21 February I received a shipment from the single seed centre that contained a speed seeds blueberry auto and a dna genetics 60 day lemon auto and some others. Im moving soon, so i want to push my yields up. Ive got a bag seed grow going so I threw these two in a paper towel and then some soil. Don't have time to get into what all equipment I have. Will. Update later. Germd both seeds on 21 February as soon as I got them and 24 hrs later the taproot was showing. So I planted on 22 February. They broke soil on 24 February and here they are today on 26 February. If this growth is indicative of autos, I'll be good to put these under my bagseed grow (2 weeks into flower tomorrow). I don't really know if it's cause they are autos or because they are decent genetics. I've only grown or witnessed bagseed grows. If it is the genetics, I'll have to be hard up before I go with bagseed again. Enjoy! I'll try to keep this updated, but I've got 16 bagseed babies plus these 2, a 4 year old human child and a 7 month old human child to care for. Least to say this will probably be updated late at night after my bagseed babies are asleep too.
    First pic is bagseed babies rolling along
    Second is the lemom
    Third is the blueberry


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