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  1. Hey folks!

    APZ here just updating my online post. Growing 18 plants under 400 watt cool tube. I lst two of my plants. Just to try my own way of acheiving best yeild results. Feeding it with FF Big Grow, Bat Guano High Nitrogen and alaskan fish fertilizer. I have laid off of the AK for a while just been trying to use the BGrow mostly. Misted a couple times and last night. I would like to use some of the plants for SOG or SCROG but unsure if 150 hps would be enough light to start with. But anyhoo any suggestions would be awesome!
    For who didn't read the earlier posts growing, Crystal, Afgan x Mazar and some indica blends from my last grow.

    Thanks and here are pics for your eyeballsz. These plants are month- month and a week old.


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  2. lookin good... thats a lot of plants for only a 400w should be 6 plants per 1000w
  3. sure it seems like not enough light, i grew literally over 20 plants last year same 400 watt setup in vegg for 3 months. they were all over four feet tall. This light will not let me down. I understand calculations for light per square feet but from experience I know this will work for my setup. Check my old posts to see my last harvest. My light can easily veg and flower 12 girls. NO PROBLEM! But thanks for the response. And I do agree normally you would be right!


    When I flower I will probably reduce my girls under one light to about 8. But we will see :)
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    a 400w footprint is a 400w footprint, how many plants are under it is irrelevant, it's about the area covered, not the # of plants. 6 plants fit nicely under a 1000w footprint. 4 fit nicely under a 400w print, especially when scrogged (4x4)

    It's always good to start more plants than you can fit. You may lose 1 or 2 before flowering time comes and there's always the chance for a male or hermie. If you have too many healthy plants when it comes time to flower, you'll gain some bonus points with a friend who has room. Or,...you could keep 1 or 2 back as mothers.
  5. I absolutely agree! Thanks for making it known! Yeah I gave a plant to my friend already and we have used each others space before so it helps having another spot for extra plants. I plan to keep a few for mothers def. I will update my pics soon. Fed them a few hours ago and can't wait to see them. My LST-ing is coming along beautifully. Thanks for the read guys! Love the comments!


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