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    Sup folKs,

    apz here again, decided after some research to add some red spectrum light to my veg process. Seems to be doing exactly what i need it to. Tomorrow stop by lowes and pickup just a few more bright bulbs to accompany them. Lst and topped most of my garden. Already showing their response to my work. Give them another 2-3 weeks and another round or two of topping and i will throw these bitches into flowering. The bigger pots are coming in beautifully. Wish they all would fit under my 400w in these pots. But damn the lst job i did to the hybrid and the crystal are turning out lovely. Def expecting something nice in return ;) but here is update 4 weeks 7-8 from seed.

    Apz let me know what you think.

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    all looking pretty green, one stretched a little,or is that the strain? I'm used to stubby plants, I LST'd mine as flat as I could get them. My LED needs a flat canopy,lol. Topping and supercropping will fill them in nicely. they look healthy. maybe a little nute burn a while back,lower fan leaf tips or is that just reflection? I figure if they don't show a little burn you're not trying hard enough. Do you supercrop just the main stems or all the branches? I usually hit the branches but not enough to bend them hard, just a good squeeze to get the proteins behaving. It really seems to load up the bud sites.
    How much headroom do you have?
    I think they look real good. Got things under control.

    edit: closer look it appears to be light reflection off a couple of leaves, not nute burn. my bad
  3. haha yea no nute burn lol. No that one Crystal plant just grew really tall. It oddly grew that way. Thin and tall. After some training she is thickened up and grew out well. I have alot of plants. about same as last grow. So I know they will be fine. As far as lst I tried lsting a little differently. Stretch and train, release and do it again and again. But depends on which plant. Some are lst-ed and I leave them alone until they tell me they want more. Like today I rearranged some I had done over two weeks back. And they are all really short plants. I always forget though how tall they are because half of the stem in buried in the pots lol. They are doing fine. I think my lst job is weird but it seems to work fine enough. I traditionally lst-ed about four plants and did my own thing for the remainder and left some straight up. Im just playin with it and seeing what comes of it. I dont supercrop, I just train and stress. Though if I did low beds and small plants I would supercrop. But with the lights I have and as many pots as I do I want it contained as much as possible. But anyhoo thanks bro for the response.

  4. Thought it was just lighting, they look too good overall to have any over fert taking place. I treat each plant differently when SC'ing but generally want them low and wide since my LED is only 90w and doesn't have the punch to get low foliage otherwise. So I LST them to keep them low and supercrop every branch at least twice to load up the growth.
    LST can be anywhere from an ocassional branch repositioned or the whole plant twisted back on itself. MJ seems to take it all in stride,lol.
    What do you use for nutes? I'm using Botanicare Pure Blend Pro and Super Thrive supp, plus bat guano and molasses (when flowering)
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    flower them now!

    they're gonna get huge, man, and they definitely won't be too stoked under a 400 when they start getting really big. if you check out my threads, the first one is what it looked like 20 days ago (when i started flowering) and the second one was a few days ago.. they're under a 400 and you can see how crowded it's getting!!!



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