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  1. ::wave:: WHATS UP GC!!!! First off much love to everyone that has had a thread that was of major use. Been using the site for years, thought i'd go ahead and member up and here I am....

    Grow Specs:

    Medium: Soil
    Lights: 2 120v idk what kind. Not halogen
    Air movement: 2 big pc fans. 1 in 1 out.
    1 plant, was told it was called red dynamite or sumthin.
    Plant is 2 weeks old. Started great and then....................

    Plant was germed by a buddy of mine and raised by him until today. The setup I have now was given to me by him so let me know what you think. I have seen this setup work for him so I picked it up. (For free) This is what I know from what he told me. It was sprouted 2 weeks ago and was cared for by him. He has grown many times, and his power was turned off. He gave it to me to give it a fighting chance and this poor girl looks.... well.... sad. She is dull and looks fried. She has had no nutes but had the power off for 3 days. No fans, no lights, no NADA lol. She stretched a little but not my worry. She seems to have a super green inside (middle) but the first two sets of leaves look horrible. Dry and withered. I transplanted her out of the micro clay pot she was into the "FROG POT". And gave her a well needed watering. I don't have a p.h. tester yet but I did leave the water out for 24 hours in sunlight. Let me know what you think. I WANT TO SAVE HER! We met today but I believe I love her ::smile:: any help is welcomed.

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    This setup is NOT permanent. I will build her a new home. But it will work for now right? Just till my check. Also I'm only running one light. Should I run both??? Temp is 80. Can't check hum. Running 24/0 lights for now. Any advice?
  3. She looks just about dead mate :eek:
  4. That's what I was scared of.... she seems to be growing a new green node. No chance???
  5. I will pray to the weed gods for you
  6. Looks like light intensity is too much, heat is definatly too much.

    Go to one bulb, distance it about 8 inches, and water it good when it go gets dry, don't over do it. Good luck.
  7. Thanks guys so much!!! I moved the light up. Turned one of the bulbs off. And now we wait. I just want to see how bad this little girl wants to live. If she does I will keep this thread going. More pics and info tonight. ::smoke::
  8. So I have a thought.... the only leaves that look bad are the first set of leaves. Not the seedling leaves but the actual first set. The leaves looked yellow, but after the transplant she got soooooo much worse. Stress from the transplant??? She seems to have opened up a little more... is she trying? Or does it still look grim? Thanks in advance ::wave::
  9. Pics:

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    Super close up mode! Lol

    Can the red on the top leaves be genetics? Or something else. They look rather healthy.

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    Thanks juicy! I need all the help I can get!
  12. All you can do now is wait man. She may pull through, where there is green, there is hope.
  13. Thanks death. I will. Ill post any changes in the next few days. Thanks again for the info.
  14. Watered her with some rain water I collected. Trying to see if she shows any response. She has already started a new sprout in the middle!!! ::happysmoke:: I'm thinkin I can get this girl to pull through. Gonna pick up some ffo soil tom... picks to come soon!!! would a light dosage of nutes help? Ill prob pick them up with the soil. Oh and I don't want to cause any stress with another transplant till she's healthy. Can I scoop as much top soil as possible and replace it with new soil? I just found out I bought "lowgrade" potting soil, or will nutes fix this prob? Also the first set of leaves are completely fried. Should I trim them? Any advise welcome. ::wave::
  15. Great to hear shes still fighting strong :D

    I would leave any nutes out of it atmo, should be plently in the soil for now.
    with the FF soil, use only the light mix, as the pre fert one /can most likely burn your seedling.

    you could try and transplant, but you are taking a risk.
    but the chances are if the transplant was successfull then the plant would flourish
  16. I wouldn't trim anything yet. Wait till the leaves fall off. Plant is near death so I wouldn't recommend doing anything that would stress it more. Also, once you get your setup built LEAVE THE PLANT ALONE! Best advice I ever got as a noob. Check the ph and temps and stuff but as long a those are ok leave the plant alone and let it grow
  17. Just let nature take over buddy, wait for the soil to become dry on top and then water with either tap water that has been sitting out for 24hrs with a lid off (to get rid of the chlorine) or rain water. Obviously check the ph of any water first (between 6 or 7) is fine. Also make sure your light is not too close of your leaves will wilt (become droopy).

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