2nd grow, Grape Ape.

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  1. Thought I would kinda journal this grow and update with pics as my grow goes on.

    Im trying a lot of things different this time around, using my sun room to grow entirely, only time I use lights is when it gets dark, but I wont need lights once flowering starts, ill be setting an alarm for myself to put them in a dark tent come time for them to go into dark.

    Here is my what im using.

    They're in 5 gallon containers.

    Dr Earth Organic Potting Soil
    Dr Earth Organic Starter Fertilzer
    Dr Earth Organic Tomato and Vegtable Fertilizer
    Dr Earth Organic Bud and Bloom Booster
    Dr Earth Liquid Solution
    Dr Earth Seaweed Concetrate
    I also have some humbolt honey I will put in towards end of flowering.

    Constructive critisim is welcome! If you guys see something I could be doing differently let me know! I still fairly new to this.

    Week 3

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  2. Week 5

    Still all looking good, they had a little set back, some how my fan got bumped to high and one plant got destroyed by wind burn, they're all recovering nicely tho, last week they had me real worried but they're getting there healthy look back.


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  3. Nice lookin plants ya got there!!!

    I like that you're using natural sunlight indoors.
  4. Thank you sir, the one on the far left is still struggling a bit, but I have no doubt she will fully recover!
  5. Welp, these girlies are getting way to big for my space, so im gonna go ahead and start them in flower tonight, last pic of them vegging, warm enough here in colorado for them to chill outside and enjoy the nice breeze!

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  6. How are you planning on doing the flowering schedule? Are you using natural light and moving them to a dark place for their dark period? Or using artificial lights?
  7. They will be in the sun room for about 10 hours, then the last 2 they will go in the tent on a timer for 2 hours under a 400 W HPS. Gonna do a 12/12
  8. That'll be awesome for your electric bill!
  9. This was part of my plan haha. It'll be nice to have light on a snowy or rainy day too.
  10. Oh hell yeah, didn't even think about that...

    I did just think about this though: is there a certain time you're putting them in the sunlight? I'm just wondering when they would get the most light during a 12 hour period..
  11. Yeah, Sun usually hits the sun room at like 7:30, Have em on 9-9 so they will come out at 9 when the sun room is nice and heated, then go back in the tent around 7 and have them under the light until the timer hits 9 PM, it'll be nice as Summer comes, cause the days will get longer so hopefully ill have enough day light next month to stop using the light completely.
  12. Dude Grape Ape is the shit. Got a quarter for my girl friend and she had it for like a month :laughing:
  13. Im actually hoping for at least a QP outta this, ill be bummed if I get less. Gotta strive to get the most!
  14. Very interesting grow.I was thinking of getting that strain someday myself.I may sub along and watch your grow.gl with them.
  15. Dude I'm almost certain you'll get more than a QP out of those 3 plants...unless Grape Ape ain't a big yielder..
  16. I would be really stoked, I do have a slight concern on one possibly being male, but we will see in a week or two. Ill post a pic of the tent later tonight before I zip em up. The more I put them in the tent, the more I keep thinking im gonna have to switch and make my closet a grow space, cause they are rapidly out growing this tent.
  17. Day 1 of flowering, already can tell they are developing well. Really excited how well this grow is going! Ill get some close ups as the weeks progress!

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  18. Looking good man,keep em growing.,as my buddy SG1 says,lift them pots!
  19. The humidity was at 80% when I opened up the tent this morning, is that to high?
  20. If your plants don't have buds on em, you should be already. High humidity is more of a problem when the plant is in flower (which I know you just made the light switch, but they're still early enough in flowering) because buds are more prone to mold than the rest of the plant.

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