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    So this is my second grow, while I was away on business my first grow was pollinated by a plant that hermied (under my wife's watch lol)

    So I'm a little late on starting this journal as my plants are now 3 weeks old.

    I have 3 plants all strawberry cough.
    2 - 300w meizhi led
    One exhaust fan no scrubber yet.
    And one fan inside to blow some air around.
    They are plants in 3g pots except for one in a 1g put which I need to transplant.

    Soil is pro/mix organic soil with 20% perlite.

    The room is 2.5x4x5.5 but I want to build a 4x4x6 box.

    I'm using general hydroponics notes but just ordered some advanced nutrients g/m/b and some voodoo juice and big bud.

    I will be starting those this week.

    The plants were outside for the first 2 weeks and bright inside for the last week. I will keep them inside now as one has shown some pistils.

    I've switched them to 12/12 as I don't want them to big. 5' head room doesn't allow for much and I'm not scrogging this time.

    Here they are.


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