2nd grow; first auto's. Auto Berry, Blue dream, and unknown

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    A bit late on this post as I am close to 60 days from seed. Picked up a variety of seeds from MSNL and they look to be growing well. This is my first Auto grow with the following setup:
    -Apollo 36x20x62" grow tent
    -viparspectra 300watt light
    -3 gallon fabric pots
    -Kind super soil topped with FFOF soil.
    -Calmag ( 1ml/gallon)
    -Tap pH'd water

    So far this grow has been going very smoothly with temps maintained 70-75* throughout the grow. I do feel like I do need more light power for the 3 plants and will be going to a COB setup for the next grow.

    This pic is from May 16. Blue Dream looks to be on the front right. If I remember right Auto berry on the back, and unknown front left.

    This is May 29. I attempted growing 3 sour tangies as well in the tent, but it got too crowded and ordered a second.
    IMG_1778.JPG IMG_1783.JPG
    June 8: pic of the split setup and the Autos on their own. I believe I tried defoliating for the first time around this time.
    June 13
    June 19
    IMG_1830.JPG IMG_1831.JPG
    Some close ups June 25
    And finally yesterday June 27. I am loving the smell! Really strong and sweet like fruity pebbles. Almost want to remove the carbon filter to fill the house haha.
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  2. More light good defoliation bad. You can get just a little more out of an auto light by always running it 24/0 germ to harvest. I never remove a leaf unless it was connected to a branch that was removed. Leaves are good. I like them. Leaves and light are the good guys.
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  3. This grow has been 18/6 from start. Between this and my first grow, I noticed that the light penetration is pretty weak. All three plants are pretty close together right now; maybe this light would be better for 1-2 small plants.
  4. That Viparspectra 300w only puts out 132 actual watts - it's only good for 1 plant - and not a very tall one at that. I would consider adding more light on you next grow. Good luck.
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  5. Goodbye viparspectra! Been looking at cob kits and one of the companies is local to me. Actually in the area where I grew up haha. Placed an order today; will be able to pick up between 1-3 today!

    E1A5664E-D2FE-4636-A765-8957890965E0.JPG 82AD341F-A92D-40F5-BE30-3B3AEDC2B178.JPG 0D2A7BEC-036D-4C8B-8158-3DBBBE8A5A99.JPG
    Multiple stems are starting to get heavy and fall over.

    Do you all think I should switch over to the cob setup with this grow or finish it off.
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  6. Looks awesome! I hope my autos turn out as well!!

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  7. After talking with the folks at Timber Grow Lights, I went with the 300 watt Vero 3 cob setup 3500k kit.

    Stopped by Home Depot before and picked up some aluminum. IMG_1905.JPG IMG_1906.JPG IMG_1908.JPG IMG_1912.JPG
    Tent width is 36" and cobs are 5" wide. Spaced it out so there is ~5" between each cob and walls.
    Finished just in time for the plants to wake up.
    I finally can space the plants out nicely! Power supply is mouted outside of the tent. Since the heat sinks extend diagonally, I had no place to mount it on the frame.
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  8. Heat! Even with the power supply outside, temps shot up to 80*F. I normally keep the house cool around 71*F and prior was averaging temps 72-74*F.

    Currently I have a 6" vortex exhaust fan. unfortunately the tent is too small for a a/c unit. Years ago I made a cooling blanket with a water tank cooler. I wonder if sticking the cooling coils inside the tent and using a fan to circulate air through the coils will provide sufficient cooling.

    Any ideas?
  9. Saw an outlet watt meter while at Frys and decided to pick one up to better gauge the adjustment on the Cob setup. Confirmed that the viparspectra is only consuming 130 watts.
  10. Started checking the trichromes and spotted some amber here and there. Auto berry leaves look pretty dark green and some starting to yellow. Spotting can be seen when looking under the leaves. IMG_1940.JPG IMG_1938.JPG IMG_1935.JPG
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  11. Looks like these are getting close to harvest. More yellowing in the leaves and seeing a lot more amber trichs. Attempted taking a pick with my phone against the microscope and this was the clearest photo.
    IMG_1956.JPG IMG_1952.JPG
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  12. Looks like the end for the unknown and blue dream. Seeing lots of amber trichromes at every spot check.
    IMG_1980.JPG IMG_1981.JPG IMG_1983.JPG

    The auto berry being cut down and trimmed.
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  13. MSNL is a good seed company I use them also.. That is a bomb of a plant. Is that auto berry? Mine are outside and barely 12 -15 inches. However my Auto blue dream is looking good. Just about 21/2 feet . Did you feed the plant or just leave it on crusie control. Impressive yield. Mass is legal and I am experimenting this grow season with auto blue dream,auto berry,Grand daddy purp,Thai and Green crack.

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  14. How far into your grow are you? My Blue Dream is aground the same size as yours. I just put the blue dream and the other Auto into the ending dark cycle. It seems like they packed a lot of weight since my last post.

    I didn't get to weigh the auto berry as most went to tinctures, but everyone seems to really enjoy the high. I'll definitely weigh the other two once they are dried.

    IMG_2027.JPG IMG_2029.JPG IMG_2030.JPG
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  15. I put all my plants outside on May 24th or give or take. So not quite 2 months. It is still growing as I can see shoots with buds still poping down on the stem. But still the plant is nothing in scale like your plant in the tub. Unless I get some type of rapid growth spurt. Many buds already getting a nice amber bock to them at this stage. It is outside so it is not getting a 24 light blast. In fact not sure what the light cycle or max sunshine light is. I did map out my yard per sunlight in regards to time of day per sundial. I had been moving the pot's around for a few weeks chasing the ray's until I set them in the garden for good.
  16. Took a peek after around 5 days of dark.

    Unknown strain IMG_2049.JPG
    Blue dream IMG_2048.JPG
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  17. Everything is now dried and in curing.
    Unknown - 65 grams

    Auto berry - estimating 50-60g. Measured 34 grams dried, a little over half used for tincture

    Blue dream - 94 grams.

    Unknown -
    Blue dream -
  18. Just curious, when did your Blue Dream Auto start to flower? I’m going on Day 50 from the time she sprouted from the soil and my Blue Dream has yet to flower. I see preflower hairs but no buds yet, I’m worried I might have a photoperiod.

    Thanks so much

    Your harvest looks great by the way!

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