2nd grow.....curling bud leaves.....normal or nah? (pics!)

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    Hey guys. This is my 2nd grow, didn't take it real seriously in the beginning. Little bit of an awkward setup due to limited space but the plant has been doing just fine until recently. The leaves around the buds are starting to curl every which way. Any ideas why? A few possible theories: over fertilization, inconsistent light cycles, strain genetics.

    Planted Jan. 18th. It's ~13 weeks old. Switched from veg to flowering at ~8 weeks so it's ~5 weeks into flowering....seems like the buds should be bigger by now. There was a little difficulty transitioning, and there have been some light timing discrepancies throughout the grow. Now that it's entering a very critical flowering time, I want to keep a closer eye on things and take care of it properly while fixing any issues. I am currently watering as needed (approximately once or twice a week), feeding (Bloom Booster) every two weeks, and flushing about once a month to try to prevent build-up. One of my concerns is that it may be getting too much fertilizer from Miracle-Gro soil and fert combo. Thoughts?

    Current Setup:
    5 Clip-On Lamps
    3 Soft White CFL spiral bulbs (60W equivalent) (2700K) (900 LUMENS)
    2 Daylight CFL spiral bulbs (60W equivalent) (6500K) (860 LUMENS)
    Miracle Gro Bloom Booster
    Miracle Gro Potting Mix
    *Recently purchased a light timer for precise and consistent cycles
    *Recently purchased materials for protective containment structure (to keep kitty out)

    Comments/concerns/questions/suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

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  3. Your soils or something looks a tad bit hot (mg prob). Also you sure you should be using that booster so soon? The ones I seen and use they are more to fins I with.

    You do have some cupping. That can be due to hot air being blown over it or too hot up there. Do you have a fan running? If not you need one, I thin it's one or the other on that.

    It's hard to tell if that's a cal/mag issues with your yellowing on the edges there. What water are you using? Also I recommend learning/reading about some lst. You are under weaker lights and you can make the most out of them by just doing some training.

    Also don't flush like that. Even more so when you goto flower. When you goto flower your lady becomes a snot nose princess. What ever she wants she gets, and stress in flowering will only effect yeild and many other things. So when you go to flower, any thing you do that hurts the plant will effect the end result. When you flush she's getting too much water and that's very bad.

    I would recommend feeding plain ph water for a bit (add cal mag if you have it). Also with soil you want it to dry out before you water. Check every other day, stick finger in soil 1-2 inches. If your finger is moist you are good. If it's dry time to water, get about 10-20% run off.

    When you over water you are declining the roots from getting oxygen.

    See your tips? They are burnet at the end, that's your plant saying "little is more!"

    Promise only giving advice no judgement. Just some things to think about. These are all reasons that it's effecting your final out come. Only thing to do is try and fix the issues now and let her do her thing.
  4. I am not a reference but i believe you need to get a different light source if you expect to harvest anything at all. That's a sturdy stem and some healthy looking leaves but you have 0 flower homie. Best of luck
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  5. Wrong soil. Wrong nutrients. Possibly even Over watered is usually the problems for most, specially for plastic pots.

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  6. Its okay i started the same way. Believe it or not it's cheaper if you go to your local Hydro Store for soil and nutrients

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  7. Just go Organic. Natural fertilizers bro. I use just organic dry fert. From Fox Farms DRY Fertilizer Happy Frog (Fruit and Flower) once a month appication and only water after, and thats it

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  8. What kind of soil/nutrient/light combo would you guys recommend switching to?
  9. look into lst, i done a few cfl grows and letting it grow up like that the lower leaves will get no light, cfl have to be very close to the plant. ive just upgraded to a 600w mh/hps and the difference is huge
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    Miracle NO

    If you are interested in growing organic there is plenty of info in the organics section on mixing your own soil. Just add water.

    Your lighting won't produce much. IF you expected anything you wasted some time and energy. It is green otherwise. Good job on that.
  11. I agree bout light as listed above.i use 1000hps n have never used cfl's.i do kno the 6500k bulbs are for veg,you wanna b n red spectrum for flower not blue
  12. Alright so basically I need more powerful lights, organic (nute-free) soil, and organic nutes. I'll post an update with pics after the transplant has had a chance to settle. A couple of questions before transplanting:

    When switching soils, how much of the old Miracle-Gro soil should be removed from the root ball?
    Should I flush with water after re-potting in the new organic soil?
    Which bulb should be used in the new light system? HPS or MH? Benefits of each?

    New Light System - 600w HPS/MH lamp with reflector hood and ballast
    New Soil - Fox Farm Organic Potting Soil
    New Nutrients - Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food Concentrate

    Thanks for the feedback you guys! This is my first thread so I will be picking as many brains as possible.

  13. I would take nutes out.

    I would not flush, she's already stressed.

    MH for veg (cheaper different colors ect)
    Hps for flower. (Using in veg will make more stretching, costs more to run.)

    Never put bulb in with your hands. Your oil will kill the bulb use a cloth and wipe clean when some. Also every time you turn your bulbs on and off they die a bit every time. So your bulbs will get weaker every on and off keep that in mind. You will need to replace after a while I don't know how often depends on a lot of factors.

    Best luck.
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  14. Thanks bro. Just picked up a 600w. Stay tuned.
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  15. look out for heat, when i switched the heat jumped up alot, im still tweaking to master it
  16. i keep track of my bulbs, 10000 hours and i chuck em out
  17. Ya heat will b apples and oranges,lol.but you should get extremly better outcome once you dial it n
  18. Hey guys! SooOOoooOOoo a few updates. Due to limited funds recently, and after seeing that my low-power CFLs were actually starting to produce buds (albeit, small), I decided to keep on keepin' on with CFLs for this grow. I upgraded from five 13w (60w equivalent) CFL bulbs to eight 23w (100w equivalent) bulbs. That's a significant bump from 4,420 lumens to 12,800 lumens. I also changed the set up; I couldn't afford the ballast and reflector hood so I managed to come up with something a little more custom using a roasting pan, some PVC pipes, light outlet splitters, and the clip on lamps that I was already using (see pics). I also re-potted the plant with organic soil with worm castings which smells like the ass of a thousand horses. I'll post another update in a week or two on how the plant is adjusting to the new light and soil. What do you guys think of the new set up? How close should I adjust the lights to the plant?

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  19. nice homegrown reflector lol. can u bend the plant maybe look into LST

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