2nd Grow Barney's LSD

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  1. Just starting my next journal. This time around I decided on growing some femmed LSD seeds that I ordered from Attitude. Ordering went smoothly, and my beans arrived in 7 days. I messed up and got jiffy pucks too wet on three seeds so I germed three more. Ill get some pics of the sprouts in a bit.
  2. i wanna c where this one goes, i'm growing the same strain

    good luck bro!:smoke:

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  3. You will not be disappointed
    That stuff had me seeing visual hallucinations :smoke:
  4. A few pics. The little ones sprouted two days ago, the big one is at 8 days. They look like they are gonna be fat and bushy

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  5. A few more pics. The little ones are now just under two weeks and starting to grow quicker. The other was about three weeks and got topped today. Trying my hand at cloning .
    I built my own aeroponics cloner, and am trying to clone the removed top.

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  6. This will probably turn into an LSD group forum cause I'm the third person growing this strain too.

    I'll attach some pictures but I have three strains going so I'll try and describe it enough so you can pic them out. These pictures are about a week old so a lot has changed. I just switched to 12/12 so I trimmed them up a bunch. Tonight they will get a healthy dose of bloom nutrients so I'll update in a week but here goes:

    The view from the top is the shorter girl, she looks like she has a deficiency towards the bottom but I just spilled nutes on those leaves. And the other pic is the taller girl (took about 4 clones from her last night)

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  7. And for shits I'm going to add a pic of my show horse... This one is a free sweet seeds Green Poison that has just blown up! I'm really stocked to see how she turns out

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  8. i think you got a good idea about the LSD group, although this strain has turned out to be the most tolerant i've grown yet:)
    yea shes a pretty girl alright....she bushes out like a bitch the more you trim her back too...
    heres mine 3 weeks into flower:D

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  9. the clone take?
  10. Kdiesel-have you smoked this strain yet? I've heard nothing but good things and my growing skills are... Growing :) so I'm looking forward to this one
  11. No i haven't tried this one yet, and i've probably heard the same you have about it....hopefully it tastes something like the smell....you're gonna luv the smell in flower, comes on slow but it's getting intense in week 3:smoke:

    dammit shoulda took clones.....:mad:
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    [quote name='"kdiesel"']
    the clone take?[/quote]

    Hell no, lol

    I had to top the tall plant one last time to let the other topped plants catch up, got two more in a simple rock cube setups now. Just have them in a tray, covered for humidity.

    Im considering buying a comercial aero cloner, but dont know if they really improve sucess rate.

    I took apart my bubble cloner and use the parts to build a simple recirculated drip - dwc hydro bucket. I have some tomatos germing in rockwool I am gonna try before risking killing my good mj seeds.
  13. Well, I havent really been keeping up with exact veg time, but from the last pot these should be at about 6 or 7 weeks. All of the were grown to the fifth node then topped above the second for four main shoots. Oddly enough two of the shoots never filled out on the first plant, causing it to grow two main shoots in a v shape. It got topped a second time to let the others catch up in height. The tallest is at 16" and the others about 13". Transplanted them to 5g pots about two weeks ago.

    Moved out of the closet into a 4 x 4 tent. I ordered a 600w hps with a cool tube that will be here tomorrow then its on to 12/12.

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  14. Accidetly doubled one but cant remove with the gc app.

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  15. hope you got the space..you're gonna have some bushes on your hands:D
  16. Thats what I am hoping for.
  17. Let's see if I can jump start this LSD thread. I have one kinda new photo, this is from late last week. This girl was getting too big so I tried to tie the top down and pulled too hard so it's now supercropped and actually has a pretty nice canopy now

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  18. Definitley tall but healthy. Looks stretched though,is it flowering? What type of lights?
  19. [quote name='"joker865"']Definitley tall but healthy. Looks stretched though,is it flowering? What type of lights?[/quote]

    It's the third week of flower under 600w hps. Might be slightly stretched but not as much as it looks in this photo, I think it's the pheno type cause I have another one in the same grow that is much shorter
  20. Ahh I hear ya. That definitely happens. I had the one that topped dfifferently, and one that seemed to lag behind until the last week or two. I like the way these grow though. If the smoke is good I may try these in a sog or scrog.

    I think the next run is gonna be a sog with autos. I cant decide how many to do though or what strain.

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