2nd grow attempt please help

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  1. Hey guys,this be my second attempt at a cfl hydro setup. First try was on week 2 of flower. And i checked up on her. And omfg. :(

    So i thought i would give it another go. These babies have been in the system for about 4 -5 days i think. And one is showing some colour differences in one of them. The ph was ok lasttime i checkd. The solution is quite strong. But dznt seem to be effecting the other ones.
    Here a couple pics.
    Help is much appreciated.

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  2. What nutrients are you using? I would suggest adding a micronutrient supplement such as Liquid Karma.
  3. If you're using RO water you wanna add some calmag to it
  4. Well to 1Ltr of tap water, i use
    1.5g of calcium nitrate
    .5g of Potassium nitrate
    .1g of Sulfate of potash
    .6g of magnesium sulfate

    I have no micros,so i been using an aquarium type.. few drops etc. which i just added another!

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